SUMo 5.7.0 Build 397 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Cyberfox (64-bit),軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
Cyber​​fox 64 位網絡瀏覽器是基於 Mozilla Firefox 的網絡瀏覽器,其目的是快速,穩定,可靠。它附帶了許多可定制的選項,使您可以個性化您的網頁瀏覽體驗。下載 Cyber​​fox Offline Installer 安裝程序!

Cyber​​fox 瀏覽器功能:
使用自己的配置文件系統與 Mozilla Firefox 擴展兼容移除的功能(遙測,健康報告,贊助商瓷磚和收集信息的其他組件)內置許多新功能。樣式。本站由 Mozilla Mozilla Firefox 源碼


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SUMo 5.7.0 Build 397


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Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64




What's new in this version:

SUMo 5.7.0 Build 397
- [Refactoring] SUMo shall make distinction between Skype Classic (<= v7.x) and Skype for Desktop (>= v8.x)
- [Refactoring] ZoneAlarm zatray.exe to be filtered out
- [Bug] SUMo blocks window closure
- [Bug] Updates for GIMP are notified for non-existant files from old versions
- [Bug] VoodooShield Wrong Version Shown

SUMo 5.6.7 Build 396
- Change log not available for this version

SUMo 5.6.6 Build 395
- [Bug] Wrong items ordering
- [Bug] Language setting is not saved in Portable version
- [Refactoring] Updated Dutch translation

SUMo 5.6.5 Build 394
- [Refactoring] When moving main window after load+check, the popup reappears at the wrong location
- [Refactoring] "Glyph by Trion Worlds Inc." wrong version reported
- [Refactoring] "MiTAC" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "Super Flexible Software" company name rationalization
- [Refactoring] "WordWeb by WordWeb Software" wrong version reported
- [Bug] Wrong identification of iTwin

SUMo 5.6.4 Build 393
- [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for ESET security
- [Bug] Quicken no longer part of Intuit
- [Refactoring] Wrong company name for AdGuard
- [Refactoring] " vlc-cache-gen" to be filtered out (dependancy)
- [Refactoring] Updated Ukranian translation

SUMo 5.6.3 Build 392
- [Bug] Missing item in french translation
- [Refactoring] Code signing certificate renewal
- [Refactoring] "0 by synchrimedia" shall be reported as "TranscriptSnagger by synchrimedia"

SUMo 5.6.2 Build 391
- [Refactoring] OpenSSL 1.1.0g > 1.1.0h
- [Bug] AdwCleaner reported as 7.80
- [Refactoring] SUMo portable shall not leave registry entries
- [Bug] FastKeys updated and SUMo is back to searching File Version instead of Product Version
- [Refactoring] Wrong productname for Clear Folder by Softwarebüro Krekeler
- [Refactoring] "Alcohol Soft Development Team / Alcohol Soft Development Team" should be "Alcohol Command Launcher"
- [Refactoring] "Serif (Europe) Ltd." rationalization
- [Refactoring] "Retrospect, Inc" rationalization
- [Refactoring] "Resource viewer, decompiler & recompiler" shall be replaced by "Resource Hacker"

SUMo 5.6.1 Build 390
- [Bug] Useless log entry in settings load sequence
- [Bug] Window position not saved in Portable mode
- [Refactoring] Inkscape company rationalization
- [Bug] "UninstallView" should not be filtered out

SUMo 5.6.0 Build 389
- [Bug] "UninstallView" should not be filtered out
- [New Feature] Settings-Folder of portable version
- [New Feature] Make SUMo portable
- [New Feature] "AceBIT" company rationalization
- [Refactoring] Updated german translation
- [Refactoring] "?" characters is Auslogics product names and company names

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