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完善的音頻轉換,毫不費力地轉換成 MP3,FLAC,蘋果無損和更多。 dBpoweramp 音樂轉換器&貿易; 已經成為音頻轉換的標準工具,全球超過 3000 萬用戶將其轉換為 dBpowerAMP:

Mp3 Converter
Convert mp3,m4a(iTunes& iPod),WMA,WAV,AIFF,AAC,FLAC,Apple Lossless(ALAC)很少.

大量的文件與 1 點擊,過濾器的 MP3 或其他文件類型.

尋找一個 MP3 轉換器,編碼使用所有的 CPU 核心同時,完成工作在雙快速時間.

DSP Effects
處理音量與音量 Normalize 或採樣 / 比特率轉換。 dBpoweramp 是一個全功能的 MP3 轉換器.

沒有 Malware
Free 轉換器帶有一點額外的(間諜工具欄,木馬,惡意軟件或病毒),dBpoweramp 從來沒有捆綁在 15 年,那些想要一個 MP3 轉換器,得到這一點,只有這一點。沒有木馬,沒有惡意軟件,沒有病毒.

dBpoweramp 集成到 Windows 資源管理器,一個 MP3 轉換器,就像右鍵單擊源文件>> 轉換成。彈出信息提示,編輯 ID 標籤都提供。可以肯定地說,沒有其他音頻程序能轉換比 dBpoweramp

注更多的多格式音頻文件:21 天試用版.

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dBpowerAMP Music Converter 17.2


60.26 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10





What's new in this version:

- Ensures only codecs for dBpoweramp loaded, previously caching could make dBpoweramp use PerfectTUNES codec
- FLAC Encoder: extra error logging details
- CD Ripper: quicker at processing metadata album art once retrieved from online
- Ogg Vorbis updated to Ogg v1.3.4 Vorbis V1.3.7
- Shell installs right click icon for dBpoweramp Batch Convert and dBpoweramp Edit ID-Tags
- Tag Editor: when move between files with arrows, it reselects the same tag previously editing
- Installer removed older install program to remove propertyhandler on XP (XP is no longer supported)
- Batch Converter: if drag drop audio tracks from file explorer they are automatically selected, drop a folder and it is automatically chosen
- Bug Fix: Salamander Window Manager passed an invalid Window handle which dBpoweramp was trying to center on
- Bug Fix: CD Ripper - title at the top would not show correctly in all resolutions when ripping
- Bug Fix: Flac, Ogg, Opus and m4a can now store disc and track count only without the corresponding disc or track number
- Bug Fix: Music Converter - renaming a file before conversion with List & Rename was not working correctly
- Bug Fix: Batch Ripper was showing CD Ripper page always for each disc ripped
- Bug Fix: Control Center: label if cannot connect was incorrectly shown

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