Icecream Video Editor 2.16 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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Web 反病毒 Windows 博士為您的工作站提供強大而可靠的防病毒保護。 Dr.Web 使用默認設置自動審查病毒入侵的所有可能方式,並阻止和報告任何惡意行為。用戶可以委託 Dr.Web 自動清除所有檢測到的病毒,蠕蟲和特洛伊木馬,從而保持 Windows PC 處於最乾淨的狀態。它攔截每個訪問文件和硬盤驅動器系統區域的嘗試,並對任何試圖穿透本地文件系統的對象執行實時檢查。下載 Dr.Web Anti-virus 離線安裝程序安裝!

當檢測到病毒或任何其他惡意程序時,Dr。 Web 反病毒 Windows 阻止訪問該文件,以便在用戶有機會選擇適當的操作或 Web 博士處理它之前不發生有害活動。由於該訪問防病毒技術與操作系統的深度整合,實時監控無法被其他應用程序終止,從而將 Dr.Web 與眾多其他殺毒軟件區分開來.

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Icecream Video Editor 2.16


62.3 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Doctor Web


What's new in this version:

Icecream Video Editor 2.16
- Additional minor fixes

Icecream Video Editor 2.15
- Additional export crash fix

Icecream Video Editor 2.14
- RAM usage on export optimized
- Several timeline fixes
- Few crashfixes

Icecream Video Editor 2.09
- Export extra sampling crash fix for slow PCs

Icecream Video Editor 2.08
- Export stability improved
- PRO activation bug fixes and improvements

Icecream Video Editor 2.07
- 'Startup' crash fix

Icecream Video Editor 2.05
- Few crash fixes

Icecream Video Editor 2.03
- New fancy transitions
- New cool text effects added
- "Split scene" button added
- "Motion" mode for photo scenes added
- Audio "Offset" feature added
- Color picker for text effects
- Multiselection for Filters/Effects added
- Export video as mp3 option added
- Volume up to 400% of original audio
- Transition preview feature added
- Export preview added
- Audio sync problems solved
- Disappearing transitions nuisance avoided
- M4V support added
- Multiple formats incompatibility problem solved
- 50+ more small UI improvements and bug fixes
- Licensing changes

Icecream Video Editor 1.56
- UI: Chinese language fixed

Icecream Video Editor 1.55
- Chinese language added

Icecream Video Editor 1.54
- Turkish language added

Icecream Video Editor 1.53
- Freezing frame additional fix

Icecream Video Editor 1.52
- Freezing frame bug fixed
- Add fade in/out for original audio of scenes
- Video library preview fix for auto rotation in Windows 7

Icecream Video Editor 1.50
- Added media auto rotation improvements
- Windows 7 better UI compatibility
- Change player's sound volume with mouse wheel
- Multiple other UI and bug fixes and improvements

Icecream Video Editor 1.48
- Dropbox integration fixed

Icecream Video Editor 1.47
- Scene text added to scenes' and projects' thumbnails
- Change project name quickly from window title
- Gradients added to Colors Library
- HiDPI player fix
- Memory usage major improvements
- Filters for color slides added
- Windows 7 installer fix
- Multiple minor UI and bug fixes

Icecream Video Editor 1.42
- Major stability improvements
- Videos animated preview in Library
- Audio device handling improved
- Other minor bug fixes and UI improvements

Icecream Video Editor 1.36
- Other UI minior fixes

Icecream Video Editor 1.35
- Stability improved
- x64 version added

Icecream Video Editor 1.31
- Timeline major bugfixes
- Different encodings better support
- Debug system upgrade

Icecream Video Editor 1.30
- Few crash fixes
- Occasional initial freeze on start fixed

Icecream Video Editor 1.29
- Minor audio fix

Icecream Video Editor 1.28
- Project loading and drop to timeline speeds increased
- Text size and text animation speed settings added
- Multiple crash fixes
- Text+transition combo fix
- 'Phantom transitions' fix
- Debugging system improved

Icecream Video Editor 1.26
- Grayscale images export and few other crash fixes
- Timeline major fixes and improvements
- Export estimation time fixed

Icecream Video Editor 1.21
- Installer fixed: webm codecs
- Few crashes fixed
- Other minor improvements

Icecream Video Editor 1.20
- Official version release of Icecream Video Editor

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