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您會驚奇地發現計算機上有多少重複的文檔,照片,音樂和其他文件。 Duplicate Cleaner 可以找到他們,並幫助您安全地刪除它們:節省空間,簡化您的生活!尋找類似的照片或圖像,即使編輯,旋轉或調整大小,是沒有問題的 Duplicate Cleaner. 找到重複的文件最快,最流行的工具! Duplicate Cleaner 可以掃描所有流行的音樂格式。查找藝術家,名稱或標題(確切或類似的匹配),或只是比較音樂,忽略標籤重複。

Duplicate Cleaner 功能:

Duplicate Cleaner 的簡單的界面,使其開始搜索重複。您可以根據文件類型,大小,日期等來縮小搜索範圍。您可以指定要查看的驅動器和文件夾,甚至可以選擇在 Zip 存檔內進行搜索。

Duplicate Cleaner 為您提供清理圖像庫的能力。使用先進的視覺比較技術,您可以找到已旋轉,翻轉,潤飾,調整大小或以不同格式保存的圖像。您可以控制您想要進行比較的精確度或鬆散度。支持的格式有 MP3,OGG,WMA,M4A,M4P(iTunes),AAC,FLAC 和 WAV 等格式的音頻文件都可以使用 Duplicate Cleaner 進行掃描和比較。比較相同或相似的藝術家,標題和專輯格式的音樂標籤.

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Duplicate Cleaner Free 4.1.1


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Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64




What's new in this version:

Duplicate Cleaner Free 4.1.1
- Can now read metadata from Camera RAW Images (Scanning and preview)
- Option to use embedded preview when scanning Camera RAW Images [Faster]
- Improvements & fixes to Image Preview window
- New list filters: Addded file type groupings & improved file filter editor
- Added .jpe file extension support
- New Criteria - Ignore duplicate groups within same folder (Duplicates in different folders only)
- Thumbnail mode now supports RAW Images (Uses embedded JPG)
- Keyboard shortcut for Find window: 'Find next' [CTRL-N]
- Selected rows now retained upon sorting list
- Added option to turn off duplicate list tooltips
- Added command line switch to skip loading of folders from profile [/nf]
- Removed extra comma on end of CSV export
- Bug loading 4.0.5 and earlier profiles into 4.1.0
- Current line moves to top of list after marking with Image Preview
- Image mode - 'Exact match' not working for RAW Images

Duplicate Cleaner Free 4.1.0
- New comparison mode: Similar Audio
- View the Duplicate list by grouped and thumbnail views
- Unique mode improvements for drive/folder comparison projects
- Selection Assistant option: Work on unmarked groups only.
- Selection Assistant improvements for 'All but one in each group' (Utilize existing marks, prefer longer file names)
- Saved file filters can now be combined
- Improved checks to for initial folders mapping to the same location
- Duplicate folder list column widths saved
- Various other fixes

Duplicate Cleaner Free 4.0.5
- Alternative delete method added (Non-windows shell based)
- Bugfix: Crash if criteria date less than 2038 or greater than 1901
- Bugfix: Incorrect saving of font option in certain locales (Strikethru issue)
- Bugfix: Crash on some systems due to application instance checking in .NET Framework
- Bugfix: Copyitem error when attempting to move/copy deleted files
- Various other minor fixes
- Improvements made to installer/uninstaller

Duplicate Cleaner Free 4.0.4
- Image mode - 100% Exact pixels comparison mode added
- Image Preview - various improvements including selectable thumbnail size/ratio
- Overwrite/Rename option for Move/Copy function
- Improved 'Find in list' functionality : selectable search columns
- Improved layout for High-DPI/Large font/4K displays
- Improved group ordering
- Refresh list (check files) operation now background threaded
- Bugfix - Database not found when using network UNC based profile location
- Bufgix - Hard linking on read-only files leaves temp files
- Bufgix - slow down when cycling through files with Image Preview window open
- Bugfix - Removed group-related filters on unique tab
- Bugfix - List position changes when marking and current position >50000
- Other bugfixes

Duplicate Cleaner Free 4.0.3
- Drive group view in path scan list
- Hash cache improvements

Duplicate Cleaner Free 4.0.2
- Support for RAW camera image formats
- Support for High-DPI and large font displays
- Audio data only comparison mode
- Progress indicator when frontloading files to delete/move
- Bugfixes: Windows Vista crash, Windows 8/10 hardlinking, other minor fixes

Duplicate Cleaner Free 4.0.1
- Database issue fixes
- CSV import issue fixed
- Adding folders from command line issue resolved
- License issue fixes

Duplicate Cleaner Free 4.0.0
- Updated GUI
- Find unique files functionality
- Match by same file extension
- Match by same folder name (full path or to a specified depth)
- Size matching tolerance
- Date matching tolerance
- Exclude filter can now work on folder names
- Flag input folder(s) as a Master - Only files which duplicate the ones in the Master will be listed
- Flag input folder(s) as Protected - you can't mark or remove from a protected folder
- Image Mode - Match by tags (Digitised dates, comments, ImageUniqueID, etc)
- Image Mode - Match by closest distance (for geotagged images)
- Audio Mode - Match by more tags including TrackNo, year, genre, comment, AmazonID, MusicBrainzID, AcoustID, etc
- Selection Assistant - Undo last selection
- "Search within list" feature
- Hash Caching - speeds up repeat searches
- Now uses the windows file engine for deletion, etc - gives more feedback and is much faster
- NET Framework 4.5 support
- Many other fixes and optimizations

Duplicate Cleaner Free 3.2.7
- Scroll lock key support in main list.
- User-definable database location via ini file
- File discovery speed improved (Esp. NAS/Network drive)
- Send license to program via installer (-register="00000-00000-00000-00000-000000" flag)
- Bugfix: Arithmetic overflow error during scan.
- Bugfix: Crash when moving mouse over list [Tooltip]
- Bugfix: Move image preview window on back screen if outside bounds
- Bugfix: Splash screen exception if system busy.
- Other minor fixes

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