FrostWire 6.8.10 軟體資訊介紹&下載

FrostWire 是一個免費的,功能齊全的 BitTorrent 客戶端和互聯網下載與集成的媒體播放器和媒體庫。它還具有內置的多個洪流跟踪器和網站的搜索,下載預覽和文件格式選擇.

現在免費從 免費安裝 FrostWire Plus,您還可以隨身攜帶所有桌面功能。下載 FrostWire 離線安裝程序安裝!

FrostWire 在十多年前首次發佈為 LimeWire 的一個分支,並且已經發展到極致,成為世界上最流行的免費和開源文件共享程序之一。

FrostWire 功能:

In-App 搜索
只需鍵入您的關鍵字,並去! FrostWire 連接到許多不同的洪流搜索引擎和網站,包括 YouTube,找到你正在尋找的文件 - 所有在一個地方.

下載任何文件,只需點擊一下。在桌面上,您甚至可以在下載之前手動從 torrent 傳輸或預覽文件中選擇單個文件.

Media Player& Library

是否要將文件傳輸到手機,只需通過本地 Wi-Fi 上的朋友分享,或創建一個洪流與整個世界分享。下載 FrostWire 離線安裝程序安裝!

瀏覽 FrostWire 的收藏精選藝術家在 Creative Commons 下與您分享他們的音樂,或查看 FrostClick 提供的數以千計的免費下載內容和評論.

注意:需要 Java 運行時環境.

也可用:下載 FrostWire 為 Mac

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FrostWire 6.8.10

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


FrostWire Team


What's new in this version:

- Fixes file naming issues that would cause errors in cloud video downloads
- jlibtorrent- update
- jaudiotagger 2.2.5 to 2.2.6 update
- Telluride Cloud Video Downloader build 8
- lt: upgraded to openssl 1.1.1l
- Fixes issue with Telluride results and emojis in filenames
- Fixes bug where transfer file detail actions would go blank when left clicked. (74291c0)
- New File Transfer details popup menus: FIles > Explore, Play
- lt: fix issue with moving the session object
- lt: deprecate torrent_status::allocating. This state is no longer used
- lt: fix bug creating torrents with symbolic links
- lt: remove special case to save metadata in resume data unconditionally when added throught magnet link
- lt: fix bugs in mutable-torrent support (reusing identical files from different torrents)
- lt: fix incorrectly inlined move-assignment of file_storage
- lt: add session::paused flag, and the ability to construct a session in paused mode
- lt: fix session-pause causing tracker announces to fail
- lt: fix peer-exchange flags bug
- lt: allow saving resume data before metadata has been downloaded (for magnet links)
- lt: record blocks in the disk queue as downloaded in the resume data
- lt: fix bug in set_piece_deadline() when set in a zero-priority piece
- lt: fix issue in URL parser, causing issues with certain tracker URLs
- lt: use a different error code than host-unreachable, when skipping tracker announces

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