Symfony 5.2.6 軟體資訊介紹&下載

GnuCash 是個人和小企業的財務會計軟件,GNU GPL 免費授權,可用於 GNU / Linux,BSD,Solaris,Mac OS X 和 Microsoft Windows.6235896
設計易於使用,但功能強大而靈活,GnuCash 允許你跟踪銀行賬戶,股票,收入和支出。作為支票簿的快速和直觀的使用,它是基於專業的會計原則,以確保平衡的書籍和準確的報告。

GnuCash 特點:
複式會計股票 / 債券 / 共同基金帳戶小型企業會計報告,圖表 QIF / OFX / HBCI 導入,交易匹配預定交易財務計算也可用:下載 GnuCash 為 Mac

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Symfony 5.2.6

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


GnuCash Project


What's new in this version:

- [Form] error if the input string couldn't be parsed as a date
- [HttpClient] fix using stream_copy_to_stream() with responses cast to php streams
- [Form] IntegerType: Always use en for IntegerToLocalizedStringTransformer
- Uses the correct assignment action for console options depending if they are short or long
- [HttpKernel] ConfigDataCollector to return known data without the need of a Kernel
- [Translation] Fix update existing key with existing +int-icu domain
- Fixed parsing deprecated definitions without message key
- [Security] Handle properly 'auto' option for remember me cookie security
- [Console] fix emojis messing up the line width
- [Validator] Avoid triggering the autoloader for user-input values
- [FrameworkBundle] ensure TestBrowserToken::$firewallName is serialized
- [RateLimiter] Security hardening - Rate limiter
- [HttpClient] remove using $http_response_header
- [PhpUnitBridge] fix reporting deprecations from DebugClassLoader
- [HttpFoundation] enable HTTP method overrides as early as possible with the HTTP cache
- [Console] Fix line wrapping for decorated text in block output
- [Inflector][String] Fixed pluralize "coupon"
- [PhpUnitBridge] fix compat with symfony/debug
- [VarDumper] Adds support for ReflectionUnionType to VarDumper
- Correctly clear lines for multi-line progress bar messages
- [Security] Add XML support for authenticator manager
- [ErrorHandler] Fix error caused by include + open_basedir
- [FrameworkBundle] Make the TestBrowserToken interchangeable with other tokens
- [Console] ProgressBar clears too many lines on update
- [FrameworkBundle] Exclude unreadable files when executing About command
- [BridgeTwig] Add 'form-control-range' for range input type
- make async-ses required
- [Mime] Escape commas in address names
- Check if templating engine supports given view
- [Security] Refresh original user in SwitchUserListener
- [TwigBridge] Fix "Serialization of 'Closure'" error when rendering an TemplatedEmail
- Fix ConstraintViolation#getMessageTemplate() to always return string
- [DoctrineBridge] Fix eventListener initialization when eventSubscriber constructor dispatch an event
- [FrameworkBundle] Fix PropertyAccess definition when not in debug
- [Form] clear unchecked choice radio boxes even if clear missing is set to false
- [ErrorHandler] Added missing type annotations to FlattenException
- [TwigBridge] Allow version 3 of the Twig extra packages