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Google AdWords Editor 是一款免費的 Google 軟件,用於管理您的 AdWords 廣告系列。使用它來下載您的帳戶,使用強大的編輯工具更新您的廣告系列,然後將更改上傳到 AdWords。它可以離線工作,然後隨時上傳更改,進行批量更改,在廣告組和廣告系列之間複製或移動項目,並傳播提議的更改並從其他用戶那裡獲得反饋.

Google AdWords Editor 功能:
使用批量編輯工具可快速進行多項更改。導出和導入文件以共享投標或對帳戶進行更改。查看所有廣告系列或廣告系列子集的統計信息。在廣告組和廣告系列之間複製或移動項目。即使在離線狀態下也要繼續工作。注意:需要 Google 帳號.

也可用:下載 Google AdWords Editor 為 Mac

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Google AdWords Editor 12.6.1


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What's new in this version:

Google AdWords Editor 12.6.1
New targeting demographics:
- Reach the people that are most likely to be influenced by your products or services, by showing your ads to customers who meet new, advanced demographic criteria that you set. Learn more About demographic targeting

Custom rules updates:
- Custom rules now apply to all campaigns, including all enabled, paused, pending, or draft campaigns. However, custom rules won’t apply to removed or finished campaigns
- Your audience list must have at least 1,000 active users. If your audience list has fewer than 1,000 active users (updated from 100 active users) and you want to use it for a Search campaign or ad group, your ads won’t serve against this list until more active users are added.
If your expanded text ad doesn’t include a second description and a third headline, you’ll be reminded to enter them to help improve your click-through rate (CTR)
- Your tracking template must use the HTTPS protocol. If your tracking template uses HTTP instead of HTTPS, you’ll be reminded to update the tracking template. Using HTTP in the tracking template can disrupt your click measurement and redirect systems

Account-level call reporting:
- Instead of turning on call reporting for each campaign or ad, you can now turn it on at the account level so that you don’t miss out on any reports. Learn more About call reporting

Recommended budget:
- You’ll see a recommended budget column in your "Campaigns" table if you missed out on 10% or more of your potential traffic in the last week. The recommended budget is the daily budget amount you would have needed to get more of your missed impressions in the last 7 days

New headlines for call-only ads:
- Call-only ads have two new optional fields: Headline 1 and Headline 2. More ad text gives you more room to explain your value proposition to potential customers, and show what your products or services do

Calls-to-action for TrueView in-stream ads:
- "Call-to-action" and "headline" fields for TrueView in-stream ads are now available for all video campaigns. Learn how to Create a TrueView for action campaign

Bidding updates:
- Along with the existing recommended targets that show when you choose a bid strategy for your Search campaigns, you’ll also see a recommended
- Target cost-per-acquisition (CPA) if one exists.
- When you create a new Search campaign in AdWords Editor using an account that is conversion-tracked, and you don’t set a bidding strategy, your new campaign may default to using the Target CPA bid strategy (if a recommended Target CPA is available)

Along with Target CPA bidding, this version of AdWords Editor also supports:
- Target cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) bidding (at the ad group level)
- Target return on ad spend (ROAS) bidding (at the ad group level)
- Target impression share bidding
- Maximize conversions bidding

Bumper ads for video campaigns:
- Bumper ad groups (and bumper ads) are now available for standard video campaigns. Learn how to Create a video campaign with bumper ads

New device for targeting:
- Now you can target your ads to TV screens as well as desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. TV screen device targeting works for Display and Video campaigns, can be included in reporting, and can be applied at the campaign or ad group level. Learn more about campaign device targeting

Enhanced filters:
- Previously, when filtering campaigns or ad groups in AdWords Editor, whatever you entered in the search box is exactly what AdWords editor would search for. For example, if you searched for New Campaign, AdWords Editor would search for campaigns or ad groups that contained the entire phrase

New Campaign:
- In the new version of AdWords Editor, the search function has been improved, allowing you to get more specific when searching for campaigns or ad groups

Google AdWords Editor 12.5.3
- Change log not available for this version

Google AdWords Editor 12.5.2

More text in expanded text ads:
- We recently made changes to expanded text ads so that you have more room to convey your message to customers. Now you can add a third headline and a second description, and each description field has a 90-character limit

New description line for Dynamic Search Ads:
- Dynamic Search Ads have more space for you to get your message across to potential customers. Now you can add a second description line, and both description fields have a 90-character limit

Longer descriptions for call-only ads:
- In call-only ads, the character limit on the description field has been increased to 90 characters

New custom rule: Sitelinks with no descriptions:
- Sitelink extensions with description text can improve your CTR, and this custom rule will warn you if you try to add or edit sitelink feed items that don’t have description text associated with them

Google AdWords Editor 12.4.1
- Change log not available for this version

Google AdWords Editor 12.3.1

View a Search terms report:
- View and download reports about your search terms. This update also includes tools to add keywords and add negative keywords. Learn more about the search terms report

Use filter functions:
- With filter functions, you can use powerful queries that combine filters in new ways to find highly specific items in your AdWords account. Learn more about using functions

Make edits in CSV import:
- When making edits in CSV imports, you may specify 2 separate columns for each field, such as text ad headlines and descriptions. One column holds the original value and is used for lookup, while the other holds the new value, to be applied as an edit. Learn more about columns in the CSV file

Account-level extension associations:
- You can attach ad extensions at the account level, in addition to campaign and ad group levels. Learn more about account-level extension associations in CSV file creation

Interest categories in Search and Shopping campaigns:
- Previously, you were able to add audience interest categories to Display and Video campaigns only. Now you can add them to Search and Shopping campaigns at the campaign and ad group level, which lets those campaigns reach affinity and in-market audiences.

Custom intent audiences:
- With custom intent audiences, you can reach people that intend to make a purchase. Learn more about audience targeting

TrueView for action:
- TrueView for action campaigns (Video campaigns created with the “Drive conversions” subtype) are supported, which includes calls-to-action (CTAs) and headlines. Learn more about TrueView campaigns in AdWords Editor

Shopping inventory filters:
- Inventory filters for Shopping campaigns are now supported. These may be edited via CSV import

Freezable columns:
- In some views, such as for table data, certain columns can be frozen on the left-hand side for easy horizontal scrolling, letting you more easily track items

Faster policy reviews when uploading ads:
- For text ads, an improved policy check speeds the time to upload your ads

Responsive search ads:
- A beta release of responsive search ads is now available in AdWords Editor. Reach out to your account management team or contact us if you have any questions about responsive search ads

Google AdWords Editor 12.2.1

- AdWords Editor version 12.2 features several updates, including Gmail asset-based ads, full support for promotion and video extensions, and a new budget type option for video ads

Gmail asset-based ads:
- Asset-based ads in Gmail are now fully supported in AdWords Editor

Campaign total budgets:
- Video campaigns now have the option of choosing Campaign Total budget type

Custom rules updated:
- New built-in custom rules are now available for structured snippet extensions and non-serving campaigns and ad groups

Semantic location:
- You can now set a bid modifier to target your ads by location with AdWords Editor

Promotion extensions:
- Promotion extensions are now fully supported by AdWords Editor

Life events:
- “Life events” is now a category of audience targeting

Video campaign extensions:
- All video campaign extensions are now supported

Ad group level ad rotation:
- Ad groups can now be set to so ads rotate

Expanded language targeting:
- Campaign language targeting in now available for Bengali, Tamil, and Telugu

Google AdWords Editor 12.1

Expanded Dynamic Search ads:
- You can now use AdWords Editor to create and edit expanded Dynamic search ads

Showcase ads:
- AdWords Editor now supports Shopping Showcase ads and ad group types

New campaign goal for UAC:
- Universal app campaigns now include the “In-app actions” goal to target users who are likely to complete the specific in-app actions you’ve set up for your campaign

First position bidding:
- The Advanced Bid Changes tool now includes First position bidding to help you get the most reach for your budget

Keyword display tools:
- The new Keyword display width column shows the length of keyword text in display units to help users judge text limit. Note: This column will be hidden by default

Show campaign violations:
- You can now view campaign and ad groups that violate your custom rules. These violations will not be separate from other error and warning messages in your account

Download more metrics:
- You can now download metrics for first position bid, ad relevancy, landing page experience, and click-through-rate

Google AdWords Editor 12.0.4

Custom rules:
- This version lets you create and edit custom rules that notify you of violations to best practices before posting changes

Faster version downloads:
- AdWords Editor now migrates more of your data from the previous version when you download a new one. This makes downloading a new version of AdWords Editor faster

New design:
- Version 12 features a new design with easier navigation

Maximum conversions bidding:
- This version provides full support for the Maximum conversions bid strategy

More videos and images for universal app campaigns:
- You can now include up to 20 videos and 20 images in universal app campaigns

New optional fields for responsive ads:
- Several optional fields have been added for responsive ads, including “4:1 logo,” “Price prefix,” “Promotion text,” and “Call to action text.”

Google AdWords Editor 12.0
- Custom rules help you build high-performing campaigns
- Faster account downloads for new AdWords Editor versions
- A new look and feel

AdWords Editor 11.8

Campaign-level remarketing lists:
- Version 11.8 lets you add remarketing lists across your campaigns. Keep in mind that campaigns can only have campaign-level or ad group-level remarketing lists—not both.

Price extensions:
- You can now create and edit price extensions using AdWords Editor. Price extensions showcase your business’s offerings in detail, so people can find what they want more quickly through your ad.

Revert edits across campaigns and ad groups:
- A new “Revert with all included items” option on the “Edit” menu lets you revert all edits made to campaigns or ad groups, along with all of their included items.

Save images:
- Version 11.8 lets you save images for image ads or responsive ads to a folder.

Square image requirement:
- Square images for responsive ads are now required when creating or editing an ad.

AdWords Editor 11.7

Export expanded text ads as responsive ads:
- Version 11.7 lets you use the “Export as” feature to convert expanded text ads into responsive ads.

Location extensions:
- You can now create, edit, and remove location extensions. Keep in mind that linking to Google My Business accounts isn’t supported.

Bumper ads:
- This version fully supports bumper ads, a short video ad format designed to allow you to reach more customers and increase awareness about your brand by using a short, memorable message.

Gmail multi-product promotion template:
- You can now use AdWords Editor to create and edit Gmail ads using the multi-product promotion template.

Square images for responsive ads:
- Square images for responsive ads are now supported.

More frequency options for video campaigns:
- In addition to “per campaign,” you can now also use “per ad group” and “per ad” frequency capping for video campaigns.

Google AdWords Editor 11.6
- Change log not available for this version

Google AdWords Editor 11.5.9
- Change log not available for this version

Google AdWords Editor 11.5.8

Expanded text ads:
- This version provides full support for expanded text ads

Search improvements:
- Several improvements were made to the search bar to make it easier to find what you're looking for

Multiple account posting:
- You can now post changes to multiple accounts at the same time

Mobile app engagement ads:
- Version 11.5 lets you create and edit mobile app engagement ads

Structured snippets:
- This version provides full support for structured snippets, which allow your ads to highlight specific aspects of your products and services

Multiple account import and export:
- You can now import a CSV file into multiple accounts and export more than one account into a single CSV file.

Filter by type:
- When downloading campaigns, you can now use the “Select by type” option to choose certain types of campaigns, such as all Shopping campaigns.

Sorting multiple columns:
- Version 11.5 lets you sort multiple columns.

Aggressive targeting optimization:
- New ad groups created in mobile app installs campaigns are set to “aggressive targeting optimization” by default.

Optional landscape image for app install ads:
- Version 11.5 lets you upload an optional landscape image when you create an app install ad.

Google AdWords Editor 11.5.7
- Expanded text ads:  AdWords Editor 11.5 provides full support for expanded text ads. Expanded text ads offer nearly 50% more ad text for you to highlight your products and services before people even click into your ad. It’s important to take advantage of expanded text ads as soon as possible because after October 26th, 2016, you’ll no longer be able to create or edit standard text ads. AdWords Editor lets you create and edit expanded text ads at scale so you can easily migrate all of your standard text ads before this date. To help you get started, check out our best practices guide.
- Mobile app engagement ads: Mobile app engagement ads are a great choice if you want to help existing app users take action in your app. You can now create and edit mobile app engagement ads in AdWords Editor, making it easier to reach more of the right app users with the right message.
- Import, export, and posting for multiple accounts: We’re always looking for new ways to make managing accounts easier and more efficient. With this latest version of AdWords Editor, you can post changes to multiple accounts at the same time, import a CSV file into multiple accounts, and export more than one account into a single CSV file.
- Structured snippet extensions: Structured snippets let you highlight features of a specific product or describe the range of products or services your business offers. AdWords Editor now allows you to create and edit structured snippets at scale.
- AdWords Editor 11.5 also provides support for filtering by type when downloading campaigns, aggressive targeting optimization for mobile app installs campaigns, multi-column sorting, and enhancements to advanced search.

Google AdWords Editor 11.4.3
- Faster campaign creation: The “Add campaign” button now has a drop-down menu that lets you select which campaign type to create. When you create campaigns this way, certain default settings specific to campaign types will be set. For example, for video campaigns, bidding is set to Manual CPV, video settings are enabled, and two content exclusions are pre-configured. For Shopping campaigns, languages are set to “all.”
- Ads and extensions are separated in navigation: In the type list, ads and extensions are now separated into two sections: “Ads” and “Ad extensions.”
- App extensions: You can now create and edit app extensions in AdWords Editor. App extensions showcase your mobile or tablet app by showing a link to your app below your ad
- Review extensions: AdWords Editor now fully supports review extensions, which highlight third-party reviews in your ads
- Mobile app installs: You can now create mobile app installs campaigns for your Display Network ads in AdWords Editor
- Broad match modifier in duplicate keywords tool: The find duplicate keywords tool now ignores the broad match modifier match type when you select the “Duplicates can have different match types” option
- Target CPA bid strategy: You can now change your campaign’s bid strategy to Target CPA
- Frequency capping: To limit the number of times the same person will see your Display Network ad, you can now edit the frequency capping campaign setting and export it for archiving and sharing. However, CSV import and export aren’t supported

Google AdWords Editor 11.3.2
- Video campaigns: TrueView video ads are an interactive way to engage your customers on YouTube and across the Internet. Version 11.3 lets you create and edit standard TrueView video campaigns. You can add content exclusions and change your targeting methods to help control who sees your ads. You can also change other settings, such as your maximum cost-per-view (max CPV). Keep in mind that TrueView for shopping and mobile app installs campaigns aren’t supported
- Callout extensions: You can now create and edit callout extensions for your campaigns and ad groups. Callout ad extension lets you include additional text with your search ads. This lets you provide detailed information about your business, including products and services you offer
- HTML5: AdWords Editor now supports HTML5 ads
- Recent changes selection: Version 11.3 adds an option to have newly created items selected when "Make changes in duplicate items" is turned on
- Meta-words in Append Text tool: This version lets you use meta-words, such as "[campaign]" and "[ad group]" when using the Append Text tool
- New user list types: Two new user list types are now available in the user list picker: "Customer list" and "Similar."Google AdWords Editor 11.6

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