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如何隱藏和刪除通知“獲取 Windows 10”?有了這個工具 GWX Control Panel 很容易!這是一個免費的工具,可以刪除和禁用 Windows 7 和 Windows 8 上的“獲取 Windows 10”通知區域圖標。最新版本還可以禁用 Windows Update 控制面板中的“升級到 Windows 10”行為,並執行更多操作.

如果你不喜歡安裝程序,仍然可以免費下載 GWX Control Panel 作為獨立的可執行文件。有關所有正式版本的 MD5 和 SHA- 1 校驗和,請參閱博客上的“GWX Control Panel 發行說明和版本歷史”.8997423

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GWX Control Panel


Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Ultimate Outsider


What's new in this version:

- Removed a misleading alert that was appearing on some computers with "clean" Windows installs that had not yet encountered Windows 10 symptoms. This was a dialog box I had added while I was testing a fix I had implemented in version but ended up not needing. The alert was harmless, but wasn't supposed to appear in the final release, so now it's gone

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