tinyMediaManager 4.3.7 軟體資訊介紹&下載

HWMonitor 是一個硬件監控程序,讀取 PC 系統主要健康傳感器:電壓,溫度,風扇速度.

該程序處理最常見的傳感器芯片,如 ITE® IT87 系列,大多數華邦® 集成電路等。此外,它還可以讀取現代 CPU 芯片上的熱傳感器,以及具有通過 S.M.A.R.T 的硬盤溫度,以及顯卡 GPU 溫度.

特殊的硬件監視器,如 abit® uGuru 和 Gigabyte® ODIN 和貿易; 電源系列也支持。 HWMonitor 太棒了!

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tinyMediaManager 4.3.7


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10





What's new in this version:

tinyMediaManager 4.3.7
- Better detect and parse movie structures
- Fixed changing of tags in episodes
- (IMDB) make cleaner calls to avoid HTTP 403 responses

tinyMediaManager 4.3.6
- Added reloading of mediainfo to the commandline interface
- Subtitles: also parse language from filename, if MediaInfo detects none
- Updated Java to 17.0.5
- Improved MediaSource detection (false positives, ordering)
- (TV show) also normalize database values before filtering the tree
- (IMDB) fixed search
- (TV show) enhanced season detection for season artwork
- Added some performance improvements to the launcher

tinyMediaManager 4.3.5
- Added the “date added” column to the movie set table + IMDB serves different search result pages - parse other one too
- fixed wrong detection of the season number in season artwork filename (resulting in season2147483647-poster.jpg)
- prevent crashes in the episode editor due to too large episode numbers
- also enable FFmpeg for automatic fanart scraping
- do not show rating star twice in the ratings panel
- (TV show) normalize text before filtering the tree
- AniDB: better filtering of search results
- Improved search results when having a date in title
- revert change, which prevented renaming of episodes w/o patterns
- better handling of timeouts

tinyMediaManager 4.3.4
- Added the ID of the movie/TV show to the search results
- Added a renamer token for TV show genres and TV show/episode ratings
- Also delete unwanted folders on rename
- TV episodes: also detect IDs from filename
- Changing the user rating will remove it from the ratings
- Added regular epression based skip folders for TV shows
- Added a path based filter for movies and TV shows
- Do not check title token for valid episode name pattern
- Fied timing of KodiRPC calls
- (TVDB) allow using a subscriber API key & pin
- (TMDB) matching of episode numbers
- Update movie media source on echanged video files
- Remove all scraped IDs when changing episode/season numbers
- Upgrade MediaSource BluRay to UHD-BluRay, if video specs say so
- (TVDB) also scrape certification data for TV shows
- KodiRPC: better handling of URIs for matching (stackoverflow)
- Read real subtitle format via mediainfo

tinyMediaManager 4.3.3
- redesign the file type panel
- added Top 250 column to the movie list
- fi displaying correct runtime for disc folders
- preserve tags order
- better fallback scraper selection
- merging multiple items should not remove anything
- (TMDB) fied rating download for TV shows
- do not try to get episode thumbs from fanart.tv
- ignore tmdbcol (from Ember) in the duplicate filter
- (AniDB) fied scraping of episodes
- saving of changes genres/tags in the movie/TV show editor
- (TV shows) removed double assigned hotkey
- fi scraping TV season names
- also set unknown HDR values
- respect preferred artwork sizes for TV shows too
- fi loading values in the replacement renderer

tinyMediaManager 4.3.2
- Redesign artwork type naming panel
- Check for eisting ID when using MPDb.TV scraper (metadata & artwork)
- Fied aspect ratio detection; improved logging of errors
- Fied occasional removing of cast when re-scrape #1840
- Fied downloading of some YT trailers
- Fied fetching of season artwork from TVDB #1841
- Fied KodiRPC calls #1831
- Download missing artwork did not respect the chosen scrapers
- Improved fallback episode detection for files with just numbers
- Improved error handling on reading MediaInfo MLs
- Revert UI lib to fi scaling issues with bigger fonts
- Hd-trailers.net better error handling
- Fi FFMpeg artwork scraper for tv episodes #1842
- Parse even more metadata fields of MKV files

tinyMediaManager 4.3.1
- Removed copying of file attributes which resulted in inaccessible artwork
- Fix for handling disc files not in their expected folder
- Parse correct filename out of the mediainfo.xml (which is now mandatory for better detection)
- Fix AspectRatioDetection on some files
- Improved overall performance when dealing with disc folder structures (runtime calculation)
- Fix for detection of the FFmpeg executable
- Removed overwriting of the renamer pattern when using a media center preset

tinyMediaManager 4.3
- an action to scrape ratings from multiple scrapers
- a fallback strategy for the universal scraper
- an action to lock objects on movie/TV show level
- an HTTP API for remote control of tinyMediaManager
- a movie scraper for AniDB
- a regular expression based JMTE annotation
- a renamer token for movie set inderespecting missing movies
- writing of TMDB/IMDB/TVDB ids for writers and directors in the NFO files
- an option to disable the trash bin (.deletedByTMM)
- an option to store NFO files outside of disc folders (VIDEO_TS, BDMV)
- an option to automatically “cleanup unwanted files” on rename
- extended syntato movie search field.
- a NFO option to control writing of true

- fetch all possible IDs & ratings when scraping
- updated the bundled Java version to 17.0.2
- bundled Java, libmediainfo and tinyFileDialogs for arm (32bit)
- (AniDB) added an option to get the character image instead of the actor image
- (movies/TV shows) write tag for actors in the NFO file
- allow editing of cast from within the cast panels
- (TMDB) enabled logo scraping
- enhanced delete unwanted files action to find unwanted folders too
- changed person-merge behavior:
- with “Do not overwrite” enabled, new person data will be merged into existing data
- with “Do not overwrite” disabled, existing person data will replaced by the newly scraped data
- Improved handling of Bluray/DVD disc folder structures (also within ISOs)
- rework automatic aspect ratio detection (performance)
- updated Movie Picker template
- copy file-date attributes on Windows
- improved download speed of trailers
- changed imdb actor image loading/scaling algorithm
- enabled downloading actor images for multi movie folders
- loading of “ignore SSL errors” on startup
- use collection as root node of the collection NFO
- (TV shows/movie sets) do not crash when title and original title column is hidden
- (Emby) preserve custom movie sets in NFO
- sync episodes to Trakt.tv via IDs where possible
- locked movies should not disappear on update
- adhere empty season folder on renaming ‘specials’
- fixed downloading missing artwork for seasons
- remove failed tasks from the task list
- removed tmdbCollectionId from NFOs because Emby does not read that any more
- fixed update datasource with additional files in disc folders / or at root level
- reloading of user_note from NFO
- round ratings to only one decimal place
- filter for season artwork in the image chooser
- some issues with filter loading

tinyMediaManager 4.2.8
- enabled multi line notes
- updated libmediainfo to 22.03
- added a renamer token for movie set index respecting missing movies
- movies/TV shows) write tag for actors in the NFO file
- (movies/TV shows) fixed losing of entries after loading
- (TV shows) fixed incomplete missing episodes list
- (TV shows) smaller fixes for displaying missing episodes
- improved download speed of trailers
- (TV shows) allow episode numbers up to 6 digits long
- prevent adding duplicate data sources
- prevent an occasional crash in the movie search dialog
- changed imdb actor image loading/scaling algorithm
- (TV shows) removed duplicated shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+N
- removed some well known words from being deleted in the title detection
- suppress scraping a blank title due to a wrong configuration

tinyMediaManager 4.2.7
- Added an action to rewrite movie set NFO files
- Revert duplicate filter changes - too many false positives
- Some enhancements for the TVmaze scraper
- Clear inputbox when adding a tag
- Faster cancelling of an aborted search
- Enhanced getting alternative trailer qualities for trailers

- Fixed multi-language search results with TVDB API
- Fixed actor image loading from IMDb
- Fixed calculating of movie counts in the movie set panel
- Fixed errors when displaying plots
- Fixed displaying of links in plot
- Fix startup problems if your Kodi RPC credentials are wrong
- Fix MediaSource detection for extracted DVD folders

tinyMediaManager 4.2.6
- added certification support for Hong Kong
- added button to create movie sets from within the movie editor
- (movies/TV shows) added support for clearlogo in the information panels
- enabled displaying of animated gifs in the artwork panel
- added an action to just (re)scrape TV shows/episodes (without the need to trigger a search)
- (TV show) added changing of the display season to the bulk editor
- (movie sets/TV shows) added enhanced keyboard navigation for tables
- also parse TMDB id from the filename in update data sources
- needs to be in the form tmdb-xxxxx or tmdbid-xxxxx
- added the option to use the release date as in the NFO files
- enhanced the ISO parser for BluRays and DVDs
- increased loading speed of large libraries
- removed rating for movie set completeness check
- do not check season names for missing seasons
- storing of window locations/sizes in batch mode
- force re-reading mediainfo after exchanging the video file
- rewrote caching of animated gifs (if you have animated gifs, you may need to rebuild the image cache)
- storing of hidden columns for some tables
- cleaner shutdown of the IMDB id cache
- added MAKEMKV to skip folders per default
- proper cleanup of resources in the media files panel
- (movie sets/TV shows) loading of filters at startup
- enhanced merging of tags
- fixed renaming of TV show thumbs when auto renaming is active
- RPC: fixed Kodi version display
- avoid downloading of 0byte images
- some fixes to the TVmaze scraper
- do not process episodes with season < 0 in the renamer preview
- moved the scroll buttons in the update data source submenu to the right place
- (TV shows) reworked filter for media files/notes
- mitigate errors of invalid expressions in Kodi scrapers
- (AniDB) better handling of specials
- Duplicate filter also checks for matching name/year combo

- proper linkage of dummy episodes with the TV show
- getting the path of dummy episodes

tinyMediaManager 4.2.5
- Enabled aspect ratio detection for disc folders (VIDEO_TS, BDMV)
- Added an option to ignore specials in list missing episodes
- upgraded Java to 15.0.5
- re-ordered popup menus
- add “path” column to TV show table settings
- download missing artwork when saving movies/TV shows/seasons/episodes
- fixed an issue with the FFmpeg artwork provider
- consider external files when getting MediaInfo for movie/show
- fix downloading trailer, if show has not been cleaned yet
- fix checking for missing season names
- remove movies/episodes in background (do not block the UI)
- (TVDB/TMDB) use only configured languages for title/plot
- reworked image downloading engine for less needed downloads and better artwork filename cleanup #1598
- fixed loading of season fanart on startup
- run aspect ratio detection for episodes too
- added automatic text direction detection
- further improve naming detection
- (TVDB/TMDB) add networks in the front of the production companies

tinyMediaManager 4.2.4
- Added support for season fanart
- Support for getting FFmpeg thumbs from disk folders
- Added bit depth to audio media information
- Prefer fanart without text to comply with Kodi standards
- Sort the column “date added” by date AND time
- Some enhancements in the MPDb.TV scraper
- Sort filter presets by name
- Moved the select all/select none items to top
- (TV shows) fixed writing of for Emby NFOs x (movies) include the original filename as valid renamer pattern x scraping several trailers from davestrailerpage x some enhancements in the renamer preview x some enhancements in the image chooser x re-aligned media information panel to show less duplicate data x (TV shows) added presets for Emby/Jellyfin x properly set the "ignore SSL errors" setting on startup

tinyMediaManager 4.2.3
- Support for multiple trailers in the same language (forced, sdh, …)
- Make trailer table sortable
- Added a dedicated file name filter for video files
- Updated libmediainfo to 21.09 + re-added legacy TVDB API v3 (the shutdown of API v3 has been postponed to the first half of 2022)
- Added trailer scraper for Dave’s movie trailer page (https://www.davestrailerpage.co.uk/)
- Displaying of artwork is now configurable (for poster, fanart, banner, thumb)
- Enabled editing of person IDs
- Added writing of IMDB ID/TMDB ID for directors in Emby NFO format
- (movies) fixed regression of where a duplicate movie may removed the original one
- (movies) do not update the selected sum too often
- Enhanced display of ratings if a user rating has been added
- Added tmdbid to the movie set NFO
- Cleanup of old season artwork when adding new one
- Fixed check of shipped FFmpeg
- (image chooser) show a warning message when a wrong url has been entered
- (movies) Duplicate filter now considers all IDs
- Enhanced aborting of trailer downloads
- Enhanced layouting of the movie/TV show settings
- Enhanced nextpvr parsing
- (Linux) statically linked launcher to avoid glibc version mismatch
- Fixed occasional double spaces in the renamer results
- (TV shows) enhanced note filter
- Plot & note fields render now clickable links
- Enabled growing of the datasource settings panel
- Do not strip tag from TV show NFO files (TV shows) re-set episode IDs when changing the S/E number via the find episode dialog (movies) write the original filename (rather than the actual one) to the NFO Emby: quickfifor multi episodes by writing tag

tinyMediaManager 4.2.2
- selected entries amount and file size totals to the movie/movie set/TV show list
- file size totals tp the movie/movie set/TV show table
- an option to set the default value for "do not overwrite existing data" to the settings
- a setting to ignore completeness check for specials

- (TVDB) fix recent API changes from TVDB
- (TVDB) enhanced translation handling of our API implementation
- fix some minor issues for the live update of movie set data
- calculation of minimum size for restoring window sizes/positions
- enhanced loading times of internal scrapers
- fix detection of paths in skip folders
- fix detection of multiple trailers (Zidoo style)
- lowered defaults for completeness check
- enhanced the filename filter to run against all media files
- rewrote fetching of translated episodes in the episode chooser
- (IMDB) allow unassigned episodes to be scraped
- several fixes for post-processing management

- (TVDB) hotfix for the broken TVDB search API x selecting images in the image chooser with double click x (TV shows) redraw tree on recent changes

tinyMediaManager 4.1.6
movies/TV shows:
- “add a new data source” has been added to the “update data sources” menu
- view NFO files and play music theme files in the mediafiles tab
- (TV shows) added IMDB id to the TV show renamer
- (movies) added renamer fields for production company/studio (thx @DirtyRacer)
- reduced CPU usage of MVStore
- reduced loading time of the databases
- eager creation of .actors folder
- prevent errors when closing dialogs
- (movies) Subtitles: detect and rename hearing impaired SDH ones
- prevent custom sort prefixes from crashing TMDB searches
- improved performance of displaying the Kodi menu
- (movies) added sorting via title as second sort order
- (movies) set original file name for single movie folders too
- compare date added on the date part only
- fixed reading existing NFO files from disc folders
- catch more errors on failed scrape
- exchange data source between windows and unix style
- (movie sets) do not delete the artwork folder when all movie sets get removed

- added an enhanced aspect ratio detector
- heavily reworked the Kodi integration
- added a filter for movie sets containing missing movies
- movie) added year to the bulk editor
- automatically restore a backup if a damaged database has been detected on startup
- support for scraping adult TV shows
- new macOS icon that matches the BigSur style
- fixed loading of license module on UNC paths
- partly reverted changes to the database management
- reworked memory usage visualization in the status bar
- do not pre-set artwork types in the (background) scrape dialogs, when automatic artwork download is disabled
- x allow more season/episode variants to be detected
- enhanced check for missing artwork to extrafanart/extrathumbs too
- (TMDB) enhanced language fallback for es_MX, pt_BR and fr_CA
- x reverted splitting playcount from watched state
- x (movies/TV shows) make sure the actors folder exists prior to moving files
- x (TV shows) do not remove “season-all-*” artwork on rename

tinyMediaManager 4.1.4
- Updated libmediainfo to 21.03
- (movies/TV shows) added “force best match” to automatic subtitle downloads (rather than only download file hash matches)
- Added possibility to double click the image in the image chooser to select the artwork
- Re-added various zoom options to the image preview window
- Added filter options for the image chooser
- (movie sets) some UI enhancements: show IMDB id, show artwork files, show year in search dialog
- (TV shows) option to only include the first studio in the NFO
- (movies/TV shows) search via TMDB id, IMDB id and TVDB id is now possible (TV shows only)
- Changed the database compacting logic to be more resistant to file corruptions
- Fixed occasional crash on startup of the TV show module
- (TV show) support more than 9 extrafanarts in the renamer
- (TV show) also respect the trailer filename settings in the TV show renamer
- (movies/TV shows) respect first alphanumeric character for the “first” renderer
- (TV show) embed episode details into a scroll pane
- (FFmpeg) suppress unnecessary error logs
- (TV show) write/read country tag to/from NFO files
- (TV show) parse aired tag before the premiered tag for episode NFOs
- Repackaged the linux distributable to only contain one root folder
- Do not crash the scrape if imdb ratings cannot the loaded
- Enhanced cleaning of filenames on import
- Some fixes for detecting/handling pt-BR subtitles
- Reuse the playcount from pre-existing NFO files when writing new NFO files
- (OMDb API) enhanced searching of movies with short titles like “21”

tinyMediaManager 4.1.3
Emby compatibility enhancements:
- (TV shows) proper trailer naming for Emby
- (TV shows) added tmdbid to the NFO
- (TV shows) added option to write to the TV show NFO
- (TV shows) added option to write all actors/guests into the TV show NFO
- (TV shows) added vote count column
- basic support for nextpvr recording XML parsing
- added shutdown hook to prevent database corruption
- (TV shows) also fetch IMDB ratings for episodes
- (movies) catch occasional errors in movie set sorting
- check write access to the tinyMediaManager folder on startup
- (TV shows) added columns for music theme and video bitrate
- (TV shows) do not mix in a missing episode on media file exchange
- (movies/TV shows) fixed creation of trailer folder while muxing
- (TV show) fixed bug when writing TV show NFO
- re-aligned new rating logos to do not take up that much vertical space
- (TV show) prevent rating panel from flickering
- do not draw the rating panel over popups
- change filter indicator if all filters are deactivated

tinyMediaManager 4.1.2
- new columns for HDR and aspect ratio
- (movies/TV shows) re-added persisting of last used filters
- (movies) option to only include the first studio in the NFO
- (movies) added cover.ext to well known poster file names
- removed unused code fot TV show ratings
- display custom rating source logo
- do not delete tags on further scrapes
- (movies/TV shows) saving changed data sources in settings
- (movies/TV shows) do not write NFO on update data sources
- (TV shows) do not strip out TV show title from inside the episode title
- changed renamer token ${hdr} to ${hdrformat}
- better propagation of API errors to the UI
- (TV shows) reworked scrape new items
- (TV shows) writing of correct NFO file name for BD/DVD episodes
- (movies/TV shows) fixed update data sources for git-annex setups
- run some long running actions in a background task
- (movies) sorting of MS/RT columns
- (movies/TV shows) fixed rendering issues of bidirectional text

tinyMediaManager 4.1.1
- Filter for note field
- (TV show) fixes endless update data source
- (TV show) do not select all episodes in TV show rename action per default
- Better visualization of failed download
- Increased max memory limit to 8G
- Fix changing maximum download thread count at runtime
- Sort showlinks in the dropdown box

- License changes - Now there is a FREE and PRO version of tinyMediaManager. In the FREE version there is no more limitation of loaded movies/TV shows or API calls

The FREE version includes:
- base functionality of tinyMediaManager (update data sources, scrape, rename, edit, eport, command line interface, ...)
- TMDB scraper

The PRO version includes also:
- all other scrapers (IMDB, OMDB, Universal, Kodi, ...)
- trailer download
- subtitle download
- Trakt.tv integration

BIG scraper rework:
- We split up all scrapers into individual sub-scrapers for every scope (meta data, artwork, trailer, subtitle)

This offers new options to configure them:
- now they are all independently configurable (no setting for the movie section influences the TV show section)
- we could strip out options which are not needed for the actual section (e.g. TV show options in the movie scraper)
- they have a better code base for future changes
- separated country setting for certifications and release date
- The only drawback here is, that you may have to enter some options (like an individual API key) in every sub-scraper
- ATTENTION: since almost everything changed in the scraper setup, you may need to re-set the scraper options after the update

added integration of FFmpeg:
- You can directly download and use FFmpeg on Windows, macOS and Linu - as well as use FFmpeg from your system
- creation of still/thumb creation via FFmpeg
- muing downloaded trailers using FFmpeg
- added TVmaze scraper
- enhanced Trakt.tv sync (added personal rating sync, reworked settings & actions)
- added missing movies in movie set
- added an option to suppress tooltips in the main tables
- added a function to migrate eisting movies/TV shows to a new data source
- remember last used scraper for each entry - for scraping new episodes the same scraper will be taken into account as for the TV show
- (movie) added full customization in which priority/order the rating should be loaded
- use qualified metadata (title, plot, year, IMDB id, episode/season number) from mediainfo on first import
- (movie) added an epert mode to the bulk editor to "freely" edit tet based fields
- added a JMTE replacement renderer for custom replacements (movie/TV show, renamer & eporter)
- added OMDB TV Show scraping
- added more Columns for Movie Sets
- added period (year of movies in collection) for Movie Sets
- added clickable ID Links to the Episode Detail Panel
- added button in tv show scrape/search window for opening TVShow folder
- added original title column for TV shows / episodes
- reworked visualization of ratings
- added original title column for TV shows / episodes
- added possibility to play the trailer url in the editor (Movie and TvShow)
- added option to manual choose artwork in the movie set chooser (as for movies)
- separated country setting for certifications and release date
- rewritten Trakt.tv integration to be more fleible and ready for multiple versions of the same movie/episode
- echanged native file dialogs with tiny file dialogs
- Windows users will see a change here, because tiny file dialogs uses the "folder browser" component from Windows
- better error messages for SSL errors
- added z (No linguistic content) to the language code detection
- allow selecting of E00 in episode chooser for some special episodes
- added an HiDPI splash screen
- re-write NFO on gathering mediainfo data
- improved HDR detection
- set displayepisode and displayseason
- added Soap to well known genres
- re-read mediainfo data for (e)changed files
- (movie) remove missing/deleted files on update data sources
- (movie) support more than 9 etrafanarts in the renamer
- (movie) sorting by new column
- (TV show) also fetch season artwork from tmdb
- (TV show) TV show related action can be triggered from episodes/seasons too
- (movie) adopted movie defaults/Kodi preset to Kodi v19
- (TV show) fall back to TV show artwork if season artwork is not available
- removing negative filters in presets

tinyMediaManager 4.0.7
- added decades filter for movies
- added new column (audio title) in MediaInformationPanels (Movie / TvShows)
- added HDR Format filter for movies and episodes
- added movie set artwork completeness check options (like for movies)
- added "_" as a colon separator in the renamer settings
- better error messages for SSL errors
- fixed downloading trailers
- detecting video resolution for certain 3D SBS files
- writing of movie set artwork with a path separator in the name
- smaller fixes to the movie search
- fixed renaming of episode extras (e.g. extra text files)
- fixed loading of Kodi scrapers
- fixed: do not set "episode guide" tag when selecting KODI preset

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