Inkscape 0.92.4 (32-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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Inkscape 是在 Windows,Mac OS X 和 Linux 上運行的專業質量矢量圖形軟件。它被全世界的設計專業人員和愛好者用來創建各種各樣的圖形,如插圖,圖標,徽標,圖表,地圖和網頁圖形。 Inkscape 使用 W3C 開放標準的 SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics)作為原生格式,並且是免費的開源軟件.

Inkscape 擁有復雜的繪圖工具,其功能堪比 Adobe Illustrator,CorelDRAW 和 Xara Xtreme。它可以導入和導出各種文件格式,包括 SVG,AI,EPS,PDF,PS 和 PNG。它有一個全面的功能集,一個簡單的界面,多語言支持,並設計為可擴展; 用戶可以使用插件自定義 Inkscape 的功能.

Inkscape 特徵:
繪圖:鉛筆工具(徒手畫簡單路徑),鋼筆工具(創建 Bé zier 曲線和直線),書法工具(徒手繪製使用填充路徑代表書法筆劃)形狀工具:矩形(可能有圓角),橢圓(包括圓形,弧形,段),星形 / 多邊形(可以是圓形和 / 或隨機),螺旋形文字工具(多行文本,完整的畫布上編輯)嵌入式位圖(帶有創建和嵌入選定對象位圖的命令)克隆(對象的“實時”鏈接副本),包括創建克隆模式和佈局的工具交互式地移動(移動,縮放,旋轉,傾斜)通過指定精確的數值 Z 序操作(升高和降低)分組對象(“在組中選擇”而不取消分組,或“進入組”使其成為臨時層)圖層(鎖定和 / 或隱藏個別層,重新排列等等; 圖層可以形成一個分層樹)對齊和分佈命令還有更多其他可用:下載 Inkscape for Mac

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Inkscape 0.92.4 (32-bit)


80.7 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Inkscape Team


What's new in this version:

- This Inkscape version will not work with Windows XP anymore. Inkscape 0.92.3 is the last version that works on XP

Align and Distribute:
- You can now align multiple (ungrouped) objects as a group relative to another, single object. This makes "treat selection as group" useful with the selections "Last selected / First selected / Biggest object / Smallest object" in which case all elements will be moved as a group relative to the "focused" element which will be kept fixed

Color sliders:
- The movement of the color sliders can now be constrained by holding the "Ctrl" key while dragging

- Previously, the current selection was lost after running an extension. Now, whenever possible, Inkscape will try to keep the objects selected
- Extensions developers can again rely on the order of inkex.Effect.selected.iteritems() reflecting the user's selection order properly
- Extensions work faster now in documents consisting of a large number of objects

Automated Graphics Processing:
- Inkscape is now able to read and write pipes. You can use this to process data without using temporary files

Other improvements:
- Improved saving speed (especially some extreme slowdowns with certain large files like those created by Adobe Illustrator have been resolved, see also bug # 1793877 )
- Improved filter rendering speed ( Commit )
- Improved performance of the measure tool, when grids are visible ( Commit )
- Dragging paths with a live path effect works faster now (Bug # [1] 245078)

- Deselecting a path with many nodes would take a long time
- Ungrouping text elements would result in a changed font size
- Some files with live path effects that could not be opened in Inkscape 0.92.3 work again in 0.92.4
- Some printer drivers (reportedly Canon, EPSON, and Konica Minolta drivers) either failed to print at all, or scaled documents to the wrong paper size. Inkscape would send print jobs with a custom paper size, instead of sizes supported by the drivers
- The measure tool became confused by mirrored text. Now it measures distances between letters correctly, even when mirrored
- Fixed reduced opacity of partially transparent embedded bitmap images in PDF export
- Fixed reduced opacity of partially transparent filtered objects in PDF export when "Rasterize filter effects" is active
- Fixed a very annoying crash when Shift/Ctrl-clicking on control handles of shapes
- Inkscape can now be built with up-to-date poppler library 0.72.0. This is especially useful for Mac OS users, using Homebrew for building Inkscape
- Filter editor no longer crashes when removing the last blend filter
- Fixed a crash upon closing a document, when the default template was missing
- Copy-pasting the power stroke LPE from one path to another works better now

The following UI translations received updates:
- Brazilian Portuguese
- Hungarian
- Icelandic
- Romanian
- Spanish

The following documentation translations received updates:
- Hungarian
- Ukrainian

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