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Intel Network Adapter Driver (64-bit),軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
用於 Windows 的 64 位英特爾網絡適配器驅動程序安裝基礎驅動程序,用於 Windows 設備管理器的英特爾 PROSet,用於組合和 VLAN 的高級網絡服務(ANS)以及用於英特爾網絡適配器的 SNMP。



Intel® 82573V 千兆位以太網控制器 Intel® 82573L 千兆位以太網控制器 Intel® 82571EB 千兆位以太網控制器 Intel® 82572EI 千兆以太網控制器 Intel® 82566DM 千兆位以太網 PHY 英特爾® 82599EB 萬兆以太網控制器 Intel® 82566DC 千兆位以太網 PHY Intel® 82573E 千兆位以太網控制器 Intel® 82574L 千兆位以太網控制器 Intel® 82567 千兆以太網控制器英特爾® 以太網融合網絡適配器 X520-SR1 Intel® 以太網融合網絡適配器 X520-DA2 Intel® 82566MM 千兆位以太網 PHY Intel® 82598EB 萬兆以太網控制器 Intel® 82576EB 千兆以太網控制器 Intel® 82576NS 千兆位以太網控制器 Intel® 以太網融合網絡適配器 X520-LR1 Intel® 82599ES 萬兆以太網控制器 Intel® 千兆位 ET2 四端口服務器適配器 Intel® 82575EB 千兆以太網控制器 Intel® PRO / 1000 PT 雙端口服務器適配器 Intel® 以太網控制器 I350-AM4 Intel® 82552V 快速以太網 PHY 英特爾® 82579LM 千兆位以太網 PHY Intel® 以太網服務器適配器 I340-T4 Intel® 千兆 CT 桌面適配器 Intel® 千兆位 ET 雙端口服務器適配器 Intel® 82577LC 千兆位以太網 PHY Intel® 以太網服務器適配器 I350-F2 Intel® 以太網服務器適配器 I350-F4 Intel® 10 千兆位 SR 雙端口 ExpressModule 英特爾® PRO / 1000 PF 雙端口服務器適配器 Intel® PRO / 1000 PT 台式機適配器 Intel® 以太網連接 I217-LM Intel® 以太網融合網絡適配器 X540-T2 Intel® 以太網控制器 I210-IS Intel® 以太網服務器適配器 I210-T1 Intel® 以太網融合網絡適配器 X520-QDA1 Intel® 以太網控制器 X540-AT2 Intel® 以太網控制器 I210-AT Intel® 以太網控制器 I350-BT2 Intel® 82566MC 千兆位以太網 PHY Intel® 82574IT 千兆位以太網控制器 Intel® 82580EB 千兆以太網控制器 Intel® 82577LM 千兆位以太網 PHY Intel® 82578DC 千兆位以太網 PHY Intel® 以太網連接 I218-V Intel® 以太網連接 I219-LM Intel® 以太網服務器適配器 I340-F4 Intel® 千兆英特爾雙端口服務器適配器英特爾® 以太網控制器 I350-AM2 Intel® 82578DM 千兆位以太網 PHY Intel® 以太網連接 I219-V Intel® 以太網控制器 X550-BT2 Intel® 以太網控制器 I210-IT Intel® 以太網連接 I217-V Intel® 以太網連接 I218-LM Intel® 82562 快速以太網控制器 Intel® 以太網控制器 X550-AT2 Intel® 以太網服務器適配器 I350-T2V2 Intel® 以太網服務器適配器 I350-T4V2 Intel® 以太網融合網絡適配器 X550-T1 Intel® 以太網融合網絡適配器 X520-SR2 Intel® 82583V 千兆以太網控制器 Intel® 82579V 千兆位以太網 PHY Intel® 以太網融合網絡適配器 X540-T1 Intel® 82599EN 萬兆以太網控制器 Intel® 以太網融合網絡適配器 X520-DA1 Intel® 以太網控制器 I210-AS Intel® 以太網融合網絡適配器 X550-T2 Intel® 以太網控制器 I210-CS Intel® 以太網控制器 X550-AT

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Windows 10 (64-bit)





What's new in this version:

PDF Annotator
- "Auto-Smooth" can now differentiate better between sketches and text, to avoid unintended snapping of lines to written text. Also, exactly horizontal/vertical lines keep their orientation when "snapped".
- The Shift key (e.g. when drawing squares or circles) now always inverts the current setting. For example, drawing a square can be forced by pressing Shift while the "rectangle" setting is active. Drawing a rectangle is forced by pressing Shift while the "square" setting is active.
- When restoring deleted strokes/objects with the Undo command, these will be re-inserted at the original position above or below other elements.
- When resizing selected objects or drawing objects (lines, circles...) with pen or finger, the Windows default behaviour "Press and Hold" got invoked, if the pen or finger was not moved immediately. Now, this behaviour is only available in certain situations (e.g. when doing press and hold on selected objects).
- Moving/resizing selected objects with pen or touch required a minimum movement to start. This has been reduced, so the drag operation can immediately begin
- Panning/scrolling in the document has been optimized
- Printing on PostScript printers has been optimized
- You can now draw very small objects, like lines or circles. Previously, those objects had to have a larger minimum size
- When option "Display keyboard when editing text annotations" is active, invoke the virtual keyboard provided by Windows (instead of our own implementation)

- Arrowheads did draw incorrectly in some situations
- Error on extracting text that contained certain special characters in non-latin languages
- Error when drawing lines on very large screens
- Flickering when font dropdown list was opened for the first time
- Error after resuming the computer after hibernation/suspend
- After upgrade installation, Windows Control Panel possibly displayed an old entry to the previous (32-bit) installation. Uninstalling this entry also uninstalled the new (64-bit) version
- Minor fixes and improvements

PDF Annotator
- Cursor style Pointer as alternative to the
laser pointer tool

- Error message "Page could not be rendered" when loading specific PDF documents
- Eraser did not work when document had been scrolled with finger previously
- Eraser could lead to partially invisible lines in certain situations
- Could not paste pictures of type Windows MetaFile from clipboard
- Could not drag exactly vertical or horizontal lines shorter when "Keep aspect ratio" option was set
- Duplicate keyboard shortcuts for tools
- Some user interface text got displayed in the wrong language
- Error message when creating dimensions in special situations
- Error message during area measure on large screens
- Text box frames got drawn in wrong line width under special circumstances
- Some images got draw with semitransparent edges
- Needed to manual exit trial version beforeuninstalling
- Minor fixes

PDF Annotator
- Improved: Eraser performance and use of eraser with quick, long eraser moves
- Fixed: "Print, Current view" did not always work as  expected
- Fixed: With active Quick Start option, and active Windows option to restore running applications, settings did not get saved on reboots
- Fixed: Wrong text rendering on right-to-left fonts
- Minor fixes and improvements

PDF Annotator
- Fixed: Could not close main window in certain situations
- Fixed: Performance issue when using the eraser tool
- Fixed: On touch/pen devices, the onscreen keyboard did not invoke (when associated setting was active)
- Fixed: Angle and length did not get displayed any more while drawing arrows
- Minor fixes and improvements

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