JabRef 4.0.0 (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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JabRef 64 位是一個開源書目參考管理器。 JabRef 使用的本地文件格式是 BibTeX,這是標準的 LaTeX 參考書目格式。 JabRef 運行在 Java VM(1.8 或更高版本)上,在 Windows,Linux 和 Mac OS 上運行良好。X.

BibTeX 是由 Oren Patashnik 和 Leslie Lamport 為 LaTeX 文檔準備系統編寫的應用程序和參考書目文件格式。一般信息可以在 CTAN BibTeX 軟件包信息頁面找到。 JabRef 64 位還支持 BibLaTeX.

由 LaTeX 和 BibTeX 生成的 BibTeX 文件可以通過使用不同的 BibTeX 和 BibLaTeX 樣式文件來格式化以適合任何參考列表規範。

JabRef 功能:

搜索 Web
可在外部數據庫中搜索條目 BibTeX 條目可以從那裡獲取。實例來源:arXiv,CiteseerX,Google Scholar,Medline,GVK,IEEEXplore 和 Springer

RIS,Medline / Pubmed(xml),Refer / Endnote,INSPEC,BibTeXML,CSA,ISI Web of Science,SilverPlatter,Scifinder,OVID, Biblioscape,Sixpack,JStor 和 RIS.

JabRef 可以指示搜索引用的全文,下載並直接鏈接到 BibTeX 條目。



啟動外部應用程序:PDF 查看器,Web 瀏覽器。將引文插入 TeXstudio,LyX,Kile,LatexEditor,Emacs,Vim 和 WinEdt

BibTeX 密鑰可以自定義的方式從文檔數據中自動生成。使用作者姓名,標題和年份.

支持 PDF 中的 XMP 元數據 61225896 改進共享 PDF 和參考書目信息的工作流程

HTML,Docbook,BibTeXML,MODS,RTF,Refer / Endnote 和 OpenOffice.org 以及 LibreOffice

Customization JabRef 接口

定制 BibTeX 字段
您可以添加自己的字段到任何 BibTeX 入口類型。

注意:需要 Java 運行時環境.

也可以:下載 JabRef for Mac

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JabRef 4.0.0 (64-bit)


52.5 MB

Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64


JabRef Team



What's new in this version:

- We add a textArea to see versionInfo in the About JabRef Dialog.#2942
- We turned the validation feature in the entry editor off by default, because of a bug in the library we have been using
- Added 'Filter All' and 'Filter None' buttons with corresponding functionality to Quality Check tool
- We increased the size of the keywords and file text areas in the entry editor
- When the entry that is currently shown in the entry editor is deleted externally, the editor is now closed automatically
- We added reordering of file and link entries in the General-Tab 3165, comment
- We added autcompletion for the crossref field on basis of the BibTeX-key. To accept such an autcompleted key as new entry-link, you have to press Enter two times, otherwise the field data is not stored in the library file.koppor
- We added drag and drop support for adding files directly in the General-Tab. The dragged files are currently only linked from their existing directory. For more advanced features use the Add files dialog
- We added the file description filed back to the list of files in the General-Tab
- Added an error dialog if the file is open in another process and cannot be renamed
- On Windows, the JabRef.exe executable can now be used to start JabRef from the command line. By default, no output is shown unless the new "-console" option is specified

- We re-added the "Normalize to BibTeX name format" context menu item
- We fixed a memory leak in the source tab of the entry editor
- We fixed a java bug where linux users could not enter accented characters in the entry editor and the search bar
- We fixed a regression introduced in v4.0-beta2: A file can be dropped to the entry preview to attach it to the entry
- We fixed an issue in the "Replace String" dialog (Ctrl+R where search and replace did not work for the bibtexkey field
- We fixed an issue in the entry editor where adding a term to a new protected terms list freezed JabRef completely
- We fixed an issue in the "Manage protected terms" dialog where an 'Open file' dialog instead of a 'Save file' dialog was shown when creating a new list
- We fixed an issue where unparseable dates of the FileAnnotations caused the FileAnnotationsTab to crash
- We fixed an issue where a new protected terms list was not available immediately after its addition
- We fixed an issue where an online file link could not be removed from an entry
- We fixed an issue where an online file link did not open the browser and created an error
- We fixed an issue where the arrow keys in the search bar did not work as expected
- We fixed wrong hotkey being displayed at "automatically file links" in the entry editor
- We fixed an issue where metadata syncing with local and shared database were unstable. It will also fix syncing groups and sub-groups in database
- We fixed an issue where renaming a linked file would fail silently if a file with the same name existed. Added support for overriding existing file at user discretion
- We fixed an issue where the "Remove group and subgroups" operation did not remove group information from entries in the group
- We fixed an issue where it was possible to leave the entry editor with an imbalance of braces
- Renaming files now truncates the filename to not exceed the limit of 255 chars
- We improved the handling of hyphens in names
- We fixed an issue where an entered file description was not written to the bib-file
- We improved the auto completion in the search bar
- We fixed renaming files which are not in the main directory

- We removed support for LatexEditor, as it is not under active development

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