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Kaspersky Secure Connection 是一個保護 Internet 連接的工具。 Kaspersky Secure Connection 建立一個安全的連接:它隱藏你的真實 IP 地址和位置,並通過加密通道傳輸你的數據。當您在網上購物或使用社交網絡時,請使用 Kaspersky Secure Connection 來保護您的憑證和私人信息。保護您的通信,隱私和數據 - ndash; 每當你在線– 所以沖浪,社交,流媒體和購物更安全。立即下載卡巴斯基 VPN 軟件!

當您想瀏覽網頁時,Kaspersky Secure Connection 自動提供通過虛擬專用網絡(VPN)技術連接您。所以其他人不能看到你在做什麼,你可以安全地上網… 隱私.

無論您是在網上銀行,購物,視頻流,社交或約會,我們確保黑客無法閱讀您的通信。您發送的所有數據接收通過加密的安全通道傳輸; 並且您的位置和 IP 地址不會顯示。立即下載卡巴斯基 VPN 免費工具!

由於您的位置和您的 IP 地址沒有透露,您訪問其他地區的網站和內容更容易 - 沒有被追查。 Kaspersky Secure Connection 不會記錄您在線做什麼,也不會保留您訪問哪個網站的任何記錄.

注意:在演示版本中,每天只有 200MB 的數據津貼.

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Kaspersky Secure Connection


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Kaspersky Lab



What's new in this version:

Kaspersky Secure Connection
New features:
- Revised list of categories of unprotected web resources for which the application prompts you to enable a secure connection. New website categories: "Internet shops with online payment" and "Payment systems". The application now more precisely determines the categories to which a website belongs.
- Improved notifications about the connection of a device to Wi-Fi networks. Notifications no longer disappear from the screen after a short time, and they also can remember a selected action for each Wi-Fi network.
- Update the application version in background mode. Now, when a new version is released, the application updates itself without interrupting your work.
- Refined interface and improved convenience of the application.
- The application notifications error in the Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems has been fixed. Notifications are now displayed when working in the new Windows interface.
- Basic support for customization has been added.
- The application icon in the taskbar notification area more precisely reflects the status of a secure connection.

Known Issues:
- Used traffic statistics are refreshed in the application after brief time intervals instead of in real time.

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