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使用 Light Image Resizer 調整圖片大小。用於 PC 的批量圖像轉換器可以輕鬆地將您的圖片轉換成不同的格式。選擇您的輸出分辨率,調整原始大小或創建副本,移動和 / 或重命名文件或壓縮,為您處理的圖像選擇一個特定的目的地。您只需單擊一下即可完成批量調整,即可處理單張照片或編輯大量圖像。 Light Image Resizer 是您的 Windows PC 的驚人的圖像轉換器軟件!

Extra 設置
添加您自己的水印,以保護您的工作或添加一個 HTML 格式的文本格式和透明度支持照片的版權。通過將圖片轉換為棕褐色或添加邊框來自定義圖片。在實際處理圖像之前,使用實時預覽來查看最終結果的樣子。 ObviousIdea Photo Resizer / Picture Resizer 可用於文件,子文件夾和文件夾,並支持 RAW 格式。集成了多核心支持,您可以更快速地轉換圖像。在 Windows Shell Explorer 中輕鬆啟動應用程序,右鍵單擊圖像或文件夾。

可以使用發布功能將附件直接作為附件單獨或以 ZIP 文件的形式添加到電子郵件中,不超過郵件服務器。從您的圖像創建 PDF 文件,如 JPG 到 PDF; 為個人或多個圖像做這個。使用您喜歡的設置編輯,創建,導出,備份新配置文件。最流行的配置文件已經預先定義,如全高清分辨率的壁紙圖像,iPod,NTSC,640×480. 一鍵與外殼集成訪問配置文件.


Light Image Resizer 特點:
調整圖片大小,調整大小的照片和調整圖像大小 - ndash; 壓縮,轉換,並輕鬆地創建您的照片的副本快速批量照片調整器使用超快速多核,照片調整大小技術高品質的結果高品質的圖像調整大小過濾器和 ndash; Lanczos 和 Bicubic 獲得最佳的壓縮質量,線性獲取速度創建電子郵件友好的圖像或使用它們進行網絡發布分類,重命名或添加水印,以防止圖片被竊取使用配置文件庫– iPhone,iPad mini,論壇,HQ 創建自定義 PDF 頁面!輕鬆將 JPEG 轉換為 PDF 新:重新設計的界面新增:為打印或社交網絡創建多個圖像的拼貼新增功能:調整亮度和對比度,更改顏色深度(BMP 和 JPEG)注意:在演示版本中限制為 100 張圖像.

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Light Image Resizer


9.4 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10




What's new in this version:

Light Image Resizer
- watermark can now use both image and text at the same time

- high memory consumption when adding lots of files, which could lead to out of memory issues
- no appropriate error was reported in some cases when disk was full
- output from certain source formats (like JPEG2000) could be empty in some cases
- metadata was not copied when source file was PSD
- metadata tags with UTF-8 encoding were not correctly decoded when used in watermark text
- memory corruption could occur in some cases when handling EXIF metadata
- IPTC tags in watermark text could just display “N/A” when IPTC was disabled in Misc tab (not copied to output)
- drag & drop from some older (non-Unicode) applications was not working

- log can now be scrolled without having focus

Light Image Resizer
- support for reading Canon .cr3 raw files

- clicking cancel during processing and then continuing could lead to a crash
- undoing a manual crop did not disable the save button, which could cause a crash when clicked
- context help was broken for some controls
- mouse scrolling in help window worked only if it had focus
- screen width & height were not updated when resizing animated GIFs, leading to enlarged background

- validate API key when entering
- clearer message for errors during background removal
- when undoing a manual crop, the crop selection is now displayed again automatically
- use LZW compression for TIFF output when converting from other formats
- log proper error in case dimensions are too large for output format

Light Image Resizer
- manual crop crashed in some cases when saving
- division by zero when size is set too small
- collage preview was not correct for sizes smaller than 1000
- sometimes preview was not loading on first try
- preview was not showing split lines when using split in parts option for transparent images

- when doing a manual crop the thumbnail in the list is now updated
- changed collage size in preview will apply to dimensions in main window
- when adding HEIC files and a required codec is missing a notice is shown

Light Image Resizer
- background can now be filled with a color when using background removal

- dimensions could not be set to values smaller than 1.00 in/cm when Mode was set to Stretch
- potential deadlock when processing is cancelled
- deadlock when cancelling overwrite prompt
- wrong dimensions could be output when processing certain raw files
- out of memory issue when outputting files with huge dimensions

Light Image Resizer
- link was not clickable
- Some dialogs were not scaled to DPI correctly

Light Image Resizer
- Load fallback for Fuji raw files (.RAF) from newer cameras did not work
- Installer was unable to close the application while update form was showing

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