Microsoft WorldWide Telescope 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Microsoft WorldWide Telescope,軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
從網頁到桌面到全圓頂天文館,Microsoft WorldWide Telescope(WWT)使您能夠探索宇宙,將來自世界上最好的地面和空間望遠鏡的圖像結合在一起,並將其與 3D 導航相結合。通過 WWT,您可以體驗天文學家和教育工作者帶來有趣天象的導遊講解。您可以研究並導入您自己的數據並將其可視化,然後創建一個導覽以與其他人共享。

Microsoft WorldWide Telescope 功能:
通過 3D 球形環境無縫導航:天空,行星和我們的太陽系獲得數百 TB 的天空,地球和地球數據查看,創建和編輯導覽體驗帶有月球軌道,小行星等的 3D 太陽系視圖訪問基於網絡的天文目錄中的數十億個物體使用觸摸控制觸摸屏導航前進 2000 年時間注意:需要.NET Framework.

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Microsoft WorldWide Telescope


Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Microsoft Corporation


What's new in this version:

Code changes:
- Tweaks to how tour files are created to ensure interoperability with the web client when including progressive HiPS catalog data sets
- Fix mirror-imaging of .OBJ 3D model files

Date updates:
- Add six new Mercury planetary maps
- Mercury MESSENGER MDIS Global Basemap BDR 166m
- Mercury MESSENGER MDIS Global Basemap LOI 166m
- Mercury MESSENGER MDIS Basemap MD3 Color Global Mosaic 665m
- Mercury MESSENGER MDIS Global Color Mosaic 665m v3
- Mercury MESSENGER MDIS Basemap Enhanced Color Global Mosaic 665m
- Mercury MESSENGER MDIS DEM Global Color Shaded Relief 2km v1
- Add “constellation” information to all of the core catalog records. This is mostly a matter of tidyness but should be helpful for updating the search indices used by the web client.
- Remove a smattering of images with bad astrometry with no clear path to recovering the correct coordinates. Fix up negative zoom levels for some other images

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