ProPresenter 7.7.0 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Mp3tag 是一個功能強大,但易於使用的工具來編輯常見的音頻格式的元數據,它支持 ID3v1,ID3v2.3,ID3v2.4,iTunes 的 MP4,WMA,Vorbis 的評論和 APE 標籤。

它可以重命名文件的基礎上標籤信息,替換標籤和文件名中的字符或單詞,導入 / 導出標籤信息,創建播放列表等.

Mp3tag 支持來自 Amazon,discogs 或 freedb 的在線數據庫查詢,允許您自動收集適當的標籤和封面您的音樂庫.

Mp3tag 功能:

寫入 ID3v1.1,ID3v2.3,ID3v2.4,MP4,WMA,APEv2 標籤和 Vorbis 評論到多個文件一次.

支持封面 Art

從亞馬遜,discogs,freedb 進口,MusicBrainz
保存在線數據庫,如 Amazon,discogs,freedb,MusicBrainz,和更多.





完全 Unicode 支持
用戶界面和標記完全符合 Unicode.

Mp3tag Screenshot 1
Mp3tag Screenshot 2
Mp3tag Screenshot 3

ProPresenter 7.7.0


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Florian Heidenreich


What's new in this version:

- Clear Groups – Custom Clear Groups allow you to clear as many or few layers as you would like. Your volunteer and staff operators now have control over which group of layers they are clearing.
- Key Mappings – Custom Key Mappings let you add keyboard shortcuts for accessing your favorite features. Designate key combinations to access different Props, Macros, menu items, and more.
- Search Preview – The local library search now includes a preview of your text and content. Switch between text or thumbnail view to see exactly which presentation you are looking for.

- Collaborate Better with Planning Center Services – Create place holders in playlists for future presentations, view attachments within a plan, hide extra plan items, add your own presentations, and more
- Maintain Text Attributes Across Outputs – Special attributes, like bold and underline, as well as object or text builds, now stay maintained as intended when applied with a theme or used in an alternate theme

- the wrong underline color in Reflow Editor
- an issue where slide notes imported from Windows to Mac had a margin on the right side
- an issue where foreground video slides were cleared when triggering a macro using an audience look action
- search returning no results when searching the exact name
- an issue where group colors and names were not being displayed in list view on the "Presenter" tab in ProRemote
- search returning no results when searching for numbers
- an issue with parsing of DB3 formatted Bibles
- a crash in the downloads playlist
- an issue where Planning Center folders, services, and plans would not be ordered correctly in the plan selector window
Improves data links to be more consistent across platforms.
- an issue where the Calendar button would not show up on a playlist that was targeted by a Calendar event
- an issue where resizing the main window could hang the entire application
- a bug that caused Planning Center items to not match to presentations
- a bug where stage actions were not validated until relaunch of the application
- an issue where presentation documents would not have an icon in file explorer
- an issue where the width of the input preferences window would change
- an issue with an extra row in the group label table
- an issue where dragging arrangement groups could result in unexpected behavior and visual artifacts
- an issue that would cause text with diacritics to render incorrectly
- bi-directional "bidi" complex script rendering

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