KiCad 7.0.8 (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

只需使用免費軟件 MyPhoneExplorer 探索您的 Android 手機!通過有線,藍牙或紅外線連接您的手機,您會驚奇地發現使用我們的軟件管理您的手機是多麼容易和高效。由於它是第一個版本 MyPhoneExplorer 發展成為最受歡迎的 SE 電話免費軟件工具。該軟件不斷更新的新功能。自 1.8 版以來,MyPhoneExplorer 也支持基於 Android 的手機(通過 WiFi,USB 電纜或藍牙連接).

MyPhoneExplorer 功能:
地址簿 - 直接同步到 Outlook,GMail,Windows 通訊錄,雷鳥,SeaMonkey,Lotus Notes 和 Tobit David Organizer with calendarview 並直接同步到 Outlook,Google,Sunbird,Thunderbird,SeaMonkey,Windows 日曆(Vista),Rainlendar,Lotus Notes,Tobit David 和網絡共享日曆(WebDAV,FTP,本地)短信 - 歸檔,導出,導入,過多的消息。 .. 與緩存系統 Filebrowser 最大限度地減少數據傳輸,自動照片同步... 設置 phonetime 基於 atomtime 等等。 f.e .: calllists,編輯配置文件,控制電話,記憶狀態,phonemonitor,... 注:需要 Android 或索尼 Ericcson 手機 - 連接到 PC。您需要首先安裝 PC 套件,並且只能通過 USB 電纜與 MyPhoneExplorer 連接.

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KiCad 7.0.8 (64-bit)


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8


FJ Software


What's new in this version:

- Disable "Override individual item colors" on read-only themes
- Fix text control width when displaying number with many digits
- Fix crash when using overbar with custom font
- Fix constant data collection prompts because user settings were getting erased constantly
- Fix locale issues in graphics abstraction layer settings panel
- Include underscore characters in word search
- Improve error reporting when running Python action plugins

Schematic Editor:
- Fix crash when fetching symbols from database libraries
- Fix broken bus alias definition entry behavior
- Don’t stop drawing wire on unfold from bus operation
- Improve handling of dangling markers during bus unfold
- Fix incorrect thermal relief spoke count
- Provide more useful feedback when a database table is misconfigured
- Fix hang when opened if last shown on a different monitor
- Make label user field selectable when using a custom font
- Fix selection shadow drawing for global labels
- Fix graphical glitch after undo of sheet pin move
- Properly highlight global and hierarchical label selections
- Fix crash when changing symbol simulation field name visibility
- Remove duplicate references from change symbol dialog
- Prevent infinite loop hang when removing sheet instance properties
- Improve handling of large number of duplicate references
- Prevent setup dialog crash due to missing severities panel initialization
- Don’t count pins of both body style when matching to footprint pads
- Re-run automatic field placement after symbol update when appropriate
- Save ERC settings and exclusions when saving schematic
- Fix symbol name comparison when name contains forward slash characters
- Support SHORT_NET_NAME, NET_NAME, NET_CLASS, and PIN_NAME variable expansion
- Fix repeat item bug when moving, duplicating or copy-pasting an item
- Honor override individual item colors setting for filled shapes
- Support custom sheet sizes when importing Altium schematic
- Work around wxGTK printing offset
- Fix OpenGL bug when importing non-KiCad schematic
- Support line dash styles and colors when importing Altium schematic
- Fix connectivity regression
- Fix crash when using ${FOOTPRINT_NAME} or ${FOOTPRINT_LIBRARY} variables
- Properly handle incremental bus connections

- Prevent crash trying to load missing spice library

Board Editor:
- Fix failure on multiple DRC runs via scripting
- Implement hole clearance checking in router
- Fix crash when tuning the length of a differential pair
- Fix bug when resolving clearance between pad and zone using custom rules
- Fix crash when attempting to delete dimensions in a footprint
- Fix STEP export for missing curve geometry
- Ensure the correct spoke angle is displayed in the pad properties dialog
- Improve fidelity for thermal spokes when importing Eagle boards
- Save invalid outline DRC error exclusion setting
- Fix missing top side holes when exporting to STEP
- Prevent crash when a plugin Python script tries to access the board editor frame too early
- Compute VRML export bounding box with "origin at pcb center" using only the edge layer
- Fix accidental plotting of disabled textbox borders
- Fix crash loading a polygon when importing EAGLE board
- Fix crash when loading unknown signal class name when importing EAGLE board
- Fix a search pane crash when a row isn’t in the hit list
- Handle dimensions and textboxes when plotting contours to DXF
- Correctly handle DXF arcs import with inverted coordinate system
- Don’t snap a footprint or group to its children
- Use 90 degree spokes when loading pre-7.0 files with custom pads with round anchors
- Fix interactive router clearance violations around custom-shaped pads
- Fix crash when activating "Pack & Move" during active move operation
- Fix unexpected behavior when pressing G or D ("drag" hotkeys) while mouse-dragging
- Remove up/down buttons from plot dialog plot on all layers selection until we implement layer ordering
- Fix crash when duplicating then rotating a footprint
- Correctly import polygon cutout in Altium importer
- Don’t include plating thickness when drawing hole clearance lines
- Flip view port when flip board is enabled
- Fix DRC crash
- Fix reading/writing thermal spoke angles for custom pads
- Fix oval pad snapping
- Fix arc coordinate changes when saving unmodified board
- Fix reading legacy zone fills which were based on stroke filled polygons
- Fix issues with very small arcs
- Properly handle impedance control in board setup dialog

Footprint Editor:
- Honor pad offset when creating custom pad anchors and polygons
- Implement undo/redo when using pad edit mode changes
- Bug fixes for paste margins on custom-shaped pads
- Print the command line sent to plot STEP file in dialog report window

Footprint Library Viewer:
- Remember library list pane width
- Correctly retain pad anchor when converting custom pad shape to polygon

Gerber Viewer:
- Fix incorrect export of flashed shapes on non copper layers when exporting to PCB

3D Viewer:
- Fix rendering disabled text box borders
- Fix crash attempting to render degenerate 3D shapes
- Fix mask layer display issue

Command Line Interface:
- Add missing drill shape option when plotting board to SVG and PDF
- Add option to control oval drill export behavior

- Update ngspice to version 41

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