NovaBench 5.2.1 軟體資訊介紹&下載

NovaBench 是 Windows 和 MacOS 的免費軟件基準測試。它快速測試您的計算機的功能(CPU,圖形,RAM 和存儲)。 NovaBench 自 2007 年以來已被數百萬人信任.

用 NovaBench 測試計算機的速度,這是一個免費的 Windows 計算機基準測試程序。 NovaBench 旨在快速運行全面測試您的計算機組件。測試 CPU,RAM,GPU 和磁盤以產生詳細的故障和總體系統評分。您的結果可以在網上提交並與其他人進行比較。已驗證的分數可以在您的在線 NovaBench 個人資料上共享.




注意:需要.NET Framework 和 DirectX.

也可用:下載 NovaBench 為 Mac

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NovaBench 5.2.1


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Novawave Inc.


What's new in this version:

NovaBench 5.2.1
- This update focuses on increasing the accuracy and reliability of the benchmark results, based on your valuable feedback
- Fixes an issue with specific GPU/driver combinations, where the compute test could terminate early, resulting in an incomplete GPU score
- Improves the sequential read/write accuracy of the storage test for specific NVMe devices
- Users with impacted configurations may notice a slight increase in GPU or Storage scores with this version

NovaBench 5.2.0
- temperature, power, and usage logs and charts
- battery health logs and charts
- online temperature comparison

- Small bug fixes and improvements

NovaBench 5.1.1
- Further improves GPU compatibility
- Fixes issues searching for certain CPUs in the database

NovaBench 5.1.0
- Adds Advisor, a new way to understand your benchmark results
- Improves online comparison tools
- Improves hardware detection and compatibility
- Fixes stalled tests on some system configurations
- Various bug fixes and improvement

NovaBench 5.0.6
- Ongoing improvements to hardware compatibility, including improvements to GPU measurement
- We appreciate your feedback, please reach out if you're experiencing any issues
- On Windows versions before 5.0.5, if Novabench 4 was already installed, its start menu icon may have been removed while installing Novabench 5. v4 remains installed alongside v5, and can be accessed from the Program Files folder.

NovaBench 5.0.0
- Completely redesigned and rebuiltVersion 4.0.9 (10/01/2021)
- Fixed issue submitting scores to

NovaBench 4.0.9
- Fixed issue submitting scores to

NovaBench 4.0.8
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

NovaBench 4.0.7
- Added temperature support for new processors
- Improved hardware detection on some systems
- Improved graphics test stability on some devices
- Improved Pro charts performance
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

NovaBench 4.0.6
- Fixed service error on some Windows locales
- Added custom test name to CSV/Excel exports (Pro)
- Bug fixes and improvements

NovaBench 4.0.5
- Improved Pro charts performance
- Improved GPU detection on some systems
- Bug fixes and improvements

NovaBench 4.0.4
- Added temperature support for new CPUs
- Improved OpenCL test compatibility
- Security issue in installer addressed by upstream vendor
- Bug fixes and improvements

NovaBench 4.0.3
- Fixed installer error on some configurations
- Improved battery compatibility (Pro)

NovaBench 4.0.2
- Added Battery Wear History feature (Pro)
- Added GPU Compute to CLI (Pro)
- Bug fixes and improvements

NovaBench 4.0.1
- Bug fixes and improvements

NovaBench 4.0.0
- Redesigned interface
- CPU tests updated for new processor features
- New Direct3D 11 graphics test
- New OpenCL GPU compute test
- New disk read speed test
- Score comparison site improved
- New .NBR file format
- New Pro features

NovaBench 3.0.4
- Score submissions are now done over SSL
- Improved clock speed accuracy in some cases

NovaBench 3.0.3
- Changed branding from Novatech Network to Novawave Inc.
- Fixed possible overflow bug

NovaBench 3.0.2
- Fixed graphics asset extraction bug
- Fixed various minor bugs
- Uninstaller is now code signed

NovaBench 3.0.1
- Fixed score submission error experienced on some systems
- Fixed Aero glass disabling on some systems

NovaBench 3.0
- All tests rewritten for cross-platform compatibility
- Added Direct3D 9 and RAM Speed tests
- Interface improvements
- .NBR file structure changed to XML
- Online score database improvements

NovaBench 2.0.1
- Unicode bugfix
- Processor name support improvement

NovaBench 2.0
- Online score submission improvements
- Interface improvements

NovaBench 1.0
- Initial Release

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