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保護,組織和存儲您的密碼到組和文件夾。使用一個主密碼管理您的銀行和信用卡信息,警報代碼,軟件密鑰,電子郵件帳戶信息和許多其他信息。消除檢索忘記密碼和憑證的時間損失。減少 25%到 40%的服務台電話.

文件和電子郵件 Information

用戶界面& Organization
從各種管理工具導入密碼和憑證,包括:KeePass,1password,LastPass,SplashID,Password Safe 等等。支持便攜式設備操作模式使用我們的 SDK 擴展應用程序.

注意:30 天試用版。需要.NET Framework.

也可用:下載用於 Mac


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Password Vault Manager Enterprise


134 MB

Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10




What's new in this version:

- Database upgrade required .NET 4.7.2 required
- Added a new permission Repository (Add)
- Added a setting to enable offline repositories
- Added Check in (force) data source permissions
- Added documentation search
- Added plain text editor document type
- Integrated I've been pwned password check
- Added "Prompt for password before going offline" to SQLServer, MySQL & MariaDB data sources
- Added a checkbox for the pwned password analysis in the password analyzer report
- Added a context menu for the selected session in the tab group view
- Added a Reconnect menu in the undocked window
- Added a scrollbar to secure note plain textbox
- Added a setting to use the legacy security (privileges and security groups)
- Added Activity Log ID to export
- Added an export data for the duplicate entry report
- Added an option to prompt or not for the checkout comment
- Added certificate validation prompt
- Added connection state support with mySQL data source
- Added custom user authentication when unlocking SQL server data source
- Added datasource settings for allow datasource variable
- Added default ribbon option on start
- Added EnPass CSV Import
- Added Include Diagnostic option to error reports
- Added inherited checkout mode support
- Added inherited offline mode support
- Added Keep selection on clear filter option
- Added new "allow rights propagation by role" in SQL server datasource settings
- Added new log for connection clipboard copied
- Added option to disable the count check when opening playlists
- Added simple database validator prior to database upgrade
- Added support for repository in command line and protocol handler
- Added support for the new LastPass CSV export format (with grouping)
- Added support for TLS Option (None/SSL/X509) with MySQL/MariaDB
- Added the email as username for the Copy username and the email account
- Added the folder column for the Recent view
- Added the folder setting for the repository shortcut
- Added the logged username in the password history and moved the copy username from the data grid
- Added the session context menu in the Recent entry list
- Added the users and the roles assignment directly in the repository
- Added Update-RDMRepository cmdlet for the PowerShell module
- Adding view button to document entries. This makes entries read only and ignores check outs
- Changed check outs for documents to make them readonly instead of blocking them
- Changed the add from template list in alphabetic order
- Changed the auto update to be async
- Credit card PIN is now encrypted
- Data source list is now only visible if more than one data source configured
- Deprecated the mobile list view
- Improved DPS error display
- Improved FTP datasource directory handling
- Improved the clipboard security
- Improved the handbook templates management (Rename, confirmation on delete, sorting)
- Improved the password analyzer fields
- Improved the Password List to not prompt when it's selected
- Improved the user and role management UI
- Improved the user loading performance
- Moved the contact header (name, folder and image) to the top
- Replaced the required checkout by a new Optional checkout mode
- Sticky password import now imports password lists and links them to the appropriate website
- Updated embedded Chrome
- Fixed a possible connection issue with FTP, SFTP and WebDAV datasource
- Fixed a possible issue with ghost folders in the filtered tree
- Fixed a possible issue with the offline mode and the role cache
- Fixed an issue with blank screen when using WebRTC and Google Chrome embedded
- Fixed an issue with the database templates
- Fixed an issue with the home page selection on startup not working
- Fixed an issue with the template default name
- Fixed and improved the account name for Google Authenticator when setup on an SQL server
- Fixed application lock SQL Server Datasource login always failing
- Fixed documentation history in dark theme being really hard to see
- Fixed Google 2FA when userName contain a backslash
- Fixed HTML export where username was shown even when the value was empty
- Fixed issue with contact overview's description not taking in line breaks
- Fixed issue with password prompt in DODB when the credentials are wrong
- Fixed issue with the fullscreen mode in documentation template editor
- Fixed Password Analyser column filter lost on refresh
- Fixed Password History being disabled for folders
- Fixed possible crash with MySQL datasource when adding a new session
- Fixed possible crashes in Keepass XML imports
- Fixed possible issue when prompting the user for the data source password where the user entered the wrong password
- Fixed possible issue where a user with no access rights to the Default repository was unable to connect to any repository
- Fixed possible issue with MySQL database upgrade
- Fixed possible issue with MySQL database upgrade & send schema
- Fixed possible issue with MySQL Send Schema to support action
- Fixed potential issue with send schema with MariaDB data source
- Fixed scroll issue when including/excluding types
- Fixed user can't delete self in user management

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