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PhotoPad Image Editor 是一款適用於 Windows PC 的免費圖片編輯軟件。輕鬆編輯數碼照片和其他圖片!支持所有流行的圖像格式!裁剪,旋轉,調整大小和翻轉照片快速和容易。 PhotoPad 旨在準備好快速打開和編輯您的照片。立即下載 PhotoPad Image Editor!

使用裁切工具將矩形照片製成方形或專注於照片的一部分。使用調整大小工具也可以輕鬆調整照片的大小或打印照片。免費版的 PhotoPad 照片編輯程序僅供商業用途.

PhotoPad Image Editor 特點:
裁剪,旋轉,調整大小和翻轉圖片觸摸照片,以消除紅眼和瑕疵應用照片效果,包括油畫,卡通,小插曲,棕褐色和更多使用模糊,銳化和降噪工具提高照片質量和對焦調整色彩平衡,曝光,級別,亮度,對比度等更多使用照片創建拼貼和照片馬賽克使用預設過濾器可輕鬆增強照片轉換您的照片照片以十字繡圖案,數字油漆或添加油畫效果照片拼接,使自己的全景圖像合併多次曝光,創建令人驚嘆的 HDR 照片加載 JPG,GIF,PNG 和其他流行的圖像格式添加文本和標題的照片插入剪貼畫從包含的剪貼畫庫中添加相框周圍的圖片和邊框更改圖像的寬高比使用液體調整大小效果扭曲關鍵特徵使用非破壞性編輯輕鬆撤銷,重新排序和編輯圖層列表上的現有效果將編輯過的圖片直接上傳到 Facebook 或 Flickr

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Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


NCH Software


What's new in this version:

- Check and Apply your configs from Android devices with reWASD Junior app
- Adjust in-game vibration and redirect motors on the virtual controller
- Map Flick Stick to the sticks or Steam’s trackpads
- Remap iPega 9023s & PowerA MOGA XP5-X Plus Bluetooth
- Use Command line to turn Remap ON/OFF and change slots
- Add active processes to the associated apps
- Add up to 3 new mappings to the zones of the DS3 analog face buttons
- Print a config to PDF or on paper
- Adjust the Zone Shape of triggers separately
- Switch slots for the group of Xbox Elite 1/2 and any other device with the hardware switcher
- Check how Gyro works on the Virtual controller in Desktop Overlay
- Remove Virtual Input Device from the system if your mappings work on behalf of the physical mouse and keyboard
- Check the battery status of the Xbox Series X controller connected via Bluetooth LE
- Use basic keyboard hotkeys to adjust the nodes in Combo Editor
- Ignore the gamepad for the reWASD driver if you do not want to use it with our app

- Tray agent icon hidden in Preferences appears again after DPI is changed
- After changing the connection (USB/BT) of DS4 or DualSense, the previously applied config is not working on the new connection
- If there is any mapping on Double/Triple/Start/Release Press and the gamepad itself is remapped to the Virtual DS4, the “digital” trigger sticks once it is pressed and released
- If the combo that includes Relative stick deflection was applied without the active Combo feature, it deflects the stick to the opposite side
- Series X controller is not detected on Windows 11 Insider Preview
- It is not possible to choose the monitor for Desktop Overlay if there are several similar monitors detected in the system
- The info about locked features may appear in Desktop Overlay for the owners of the Full Pack license
- Some tabs in Preferences could not be opened on the small monitors with high DPI
- Azeron’s 11, 12 and 13 buttons could not be used as hotkeys for Slot switching and Desktop Overlay

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