Power2Go Essential 13.0 Build 0523 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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Power2Go Essential 是免費的刻錄軟件。刻錄數據 CD,DVD 和藍光光盤(甚至是 BDXL!),不受限製或限制。 Power2Go Essential 是免費軟件,不會過期。提供超過 15 種國際語言,可以為用戶提供管理光盤的強大工具.

您可以拖放,使用 Power2Go Essential 的桌面小工具刻錄光盤的刻錄方便,並創建音頻 CD,刻錄光盤,非複制保護的 DVD 和藍光光盤。

Power2Go Essential 也為幾乎所有類型的設備提供音樂和視頻文件的高級媒體轉換。整合 Facebook,Flickr,YouTube& Vimeo,可以輕鬆下載,轉換和備份社交媒體內容和喜愛的視頻。憑藉直觀的界面和大量的創新功能,Power2Go 成為您需要安全刻錄,備份和轉換個人數據和數字媒體時的明智選擇。

享受 Power2Go 白金版的 15 天高級功能試用版,包括:
Convert your 媒體並自動傳輸到您的移動設備。從 Facebook,YouTube,Flickr 和 Vimeo 下載照片和視頻到您的硬盤或直接刻錄到光盤。目錄和搜索光盤管理器中刻錄的光盤的內容。創建系統恢復光盤恢復您的系統,如果您的電腦失敗。使用政府級的 256 位加密保護數據。創建您最喜愛的照片的互動畫廊。從 DirectorZone.com 免費下載有吸引力的 DVD 與涼爽的菜單。注意:15 天試用版(試用期後,仍然可以使用訊連科技“威力酷燒”,但功能有限 - 基本版).

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Power2Go Essential 13.0 Build 0523


191.7 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8





What's new in this version:

– Create Engaging DVD Menus. Author DVD & Blu-ray discs with engaging, tailor-made menus, complete with background audio, photo gallery, intuitive chapter titles and a host of customizable preferences for the perfect menu layout.
– Supports the Latest Video, Photo & Audio Formats. Save storage space with HEVC (H.265) video and HEIC/HEIFC image format support, in addition to popular audio formats MP3, WAV & OGG and lossless formats such as APE, FLAC.

- Premium Menu Pack. Access an assortment of premium menu templates that include different themes suitable for home videos, travel footage, festive celebrations, romantic montages and many more.
– Background Music Adjustment. Customize the volume settings while authoring, ensuring the right background music volume for any disc you want to burn. Arrange for your background music to fade-in and fade-out or keep your music on auto-repeat to set the initial mood for any disc you burn.
– Trim & Preview Video. Trim lengthy video clips before you burn to remove unwanted segments so that your videos are perfect from the get-go. You can also preview them in Full-HD quality before you start burning
– Fit More Onto Every Disc. Fit video content onto your DVD discs with Best Quality, Standard Quality and Long Play burning settings. To make things easier, the Smart Fit feature automatically resizes your video file to the highest quality supported by your disc, and even utilizes free disc space by increasing your bit rate.
– TrueTheater Enhancements. TrueTheater enhancements instantly apply better-than-original quality improvements to transferred videos, so you can have the convenience of your mobile without compromising quality.

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