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Q-Dir (64-bit),軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
快速方便地訪問您的硬盤,網絡文件夾,USB-Stiks,軟盤和其他存儲設備。 Q-Dir 64 位是一個很好的文件管理器,具有驚人的 Quadro-View 技術。你不必放棄你的系統的平常,拖放,所有的視圖,和其他功能.

Q-Dir 給你其他很好的功能,讓你快樂。人們可以節省許多手動,也可以節省時間! Q-Dir 不需要安裝,可以在桌面上輕鬆執行,並可以在一個小型的 USB 存儲設備或其他存儲設備上進行。Q-Dir 的主要特點:
我的最愛:快速訪問最常用的使用文件夾。拖放:通過拖放 Q 視圖和其他程序(如 MS Explorer)來移動文件。剪貼板:在 Q -Dir 64 位目錄視圖和其他程序(如 MS Explorer)之間複製 / 粘貼。文件夾類型:ZIP,FTP,機櫃,網絡,系統文件夾,快捷方式... 大圖標,瓷磚,列表,細節,縮略圖(Vista:超大符號)。導出:XLS,CSV,TXT,HTML。彈出式菜單:桌面,我的電腦。屏幕放大鏡:屏幕上的任何東西都可以放大。顏色過濾器:不同項目類型的顏色(例如 * .log; *。txt)。突出顯示過濾器:快速項目突出顯示的有效方法。文件過濾器:允許快速和容易地過濾項目。列:所有列支持,保存功能。快速鏈接:用於快速文件夾訪問。文件夾選擇:快速& 靈活的文件夾選擇地址欄 / 桌面菜單 / 我的電腦菜單 / ... Multi-INI:Q-Dir 的幾個 INI 文件。樹視圖:簡單和四倍。預覽:允許快速預覽。

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Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64


Nenad Hrg



What's new in this version:

- Added support for alpha channel when using XSplit VCam
- Improved performance when using API to update multiple text fields

- Fixed GPU render time issue when using the List input after a long period of time

- Fixed login issue with Twitch
- Added workaround for issue with codecs that don't correctly support more than 4GB of memory
- Fixed frame offset issue during Replay transitions
- Fixed ColourCorrectionReset shortcut not correctly resetting Gamma
- Fixed issue with VST3 plugins that have duplicate names
- Fixed issue with FFMPEG recording 29.97p in EU
- Fixed vMix Social issue when Windows region set to Turkey

- Fixed issue with ButtonPress activator on the APC Mini
- Fixed List tab not refreshing when saving Video Delay clips to a list
- Added error messages describing when Camera or Microphone access is disabled in Windows Privacy settings
- Improved compatibility with new NDI support in Skype


- Recalibrated skin tone line in Vectorscope for better accuracy
- Added new recommended Periscope streaming quality presets

Fixed some issues with new Kona HDMI card and added support for the following modes:
- Up to 4K60 on Input 1 + 2x HD on Input 3 and 4
- Up to 4K60 on Input 1 + 4K30 on Input
- Up to HD60 on Inputs 1,2,3 and 4

- Fixed support for streaming to Facebook Groups
- Fixed auto creation of Facebook streams when description was left bank

- Fixed issue logging in to Facebook with Two Factor Authentication in some countries
- Updated Facebook permissions to support latest security requirements for Groups
- Fixed issue where vMix Call return video freezes or becomes garbled when changing sources
- Fixed rare error that may occur when closing vMix on slower systems

- Improved recording quality in Replay when using 1080p sources
- To enable, select 200 Mbps as the bitrate before adding the replay session to vMix
- Previously 200 Mbps would only have an effect on Interlaced sources
- Relaxed video format restrictions with AJA capture devices

New rules are as follows:
- All outputs must be in the same "clock family". (29.97/59.94 or 50/25)
- Port 1 must be in same clock family as outputs if used as an input channel
- Ports 2+ will accept any input format
- Fixed some rare issues with AVI codecs

- Change log not available for this version

- vMix Diagnostics is now included with install and can be found from the "hamburger" menu in vMix or in the start menu
- Detects any background applications that may interfere with the graphics card causing errors, flickering and performance issues
- Fixed replay bug when trying to play back incomplete events
- Fixed issue where PTZ Optics ZCAM provider did not appear in PTZ dropdown list

- Fixed issue with SetAudioFade when used with List input
- Improved CPU usage accuracy
- CPU/GPU warnings are now disabled by default
- Can be enabled under Settings -> Performance.
- When disabled, will still be reported in the logs to help assist our support team

- Additional bug fixes for Sony BRC series VISCA over IP support
- Will now no longer attempt to reconnect to Facebook streams that have expired

- Improved performance of local desktop capture on desktop PCs
- Added support for Sony BRC series PTZ cameras using VISCA over IP
- Fixed issue with audio only NDI outputs not appearing

- Fixed memory issue with VST3 plugins, especially with latest Windows 10 update
- Video frame delay now supported on NDI and VLC inputs
- Added "Custom Multi-Bitrate" dropdown option in streaming destinations.
- This allows custom URLs and Stream Keys for each stream without using separate streaming instances for each which may cause problems with some CDNs
- Fixed issue in vMix Social where Overlay was sometimes triggered before content in title had been updated

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