RecentX 5.0.22 軟體資訊介紹&下載

RecentX 是 Windows 設計的啟動器,使您的計算生活更加快樂。這是塞滿了創新的方式訪問你的東西在 Windows PC 上閃電般的速度。非凡的 Windows 應用程序,可以快速訪問您的文件,文件夾,程序,網站和應用程序。剪貼板的歷史。 RecentX 是驚人的 Windows 程序!

RecentX 功能:


Avoids 訪問文件夾過時的方式
Avoids 繁瑣的文件夾導航。不需要訪問深層文件夾樹& 子菜單,以啟動任何文件,文件夾,程序或網站。只需輸入& 去!

分配標籤到文件& 文件夾。根據項目進行分組。只需點擊一下即可訪問它們.

Windows 桌面上的全功能電腦
傳統上,只能在 Windows 桌面上保留必要的文件,以便更快地訪問。但是用 RecentX 啟動器,訪問任何文件,任何級別的深度都是一樣的快.

RecentX 啟動器很簡單& 開箱即用。您不需要配置您最喜愛的文件或文件夾。只需安裝& 看到它工作.

Shows 你什麼是最好的
自動獲取更重要的文件和文件夾給你。最近的項目& 在其他普通項目之前顯示頻繁訪問。使啟動更容易.

執行頻繁的文件操作,如復制,移動,刪除,重命名,而無需啟動文件管理器,如 Windows 資源管理器.

快速訪問書籤& Mozilla Firefox,Internet Exporer,& Google Chrome.

訪問遠程文件夾,如 local
自動列出您訪問的網絡文件夾。啟動任何級別的網絡文件夾深度不超過 3 秒.

在不到 3 秒的時間內找到您的計算機上的任何文件或文件夾,使用拖放功能將文件附加到電子郵件。下載,使用 Windows 資源管理器插件 RecentX 啟動器.

注意:30 天試用版.

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RecentX 5.0.22


Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Conceptworld Corporation


What's new in this version:

RecentX 5.0.22
- RecentX window is now docked next to the file open/save window for easy access
- The sidebar is bigger on higher display resolutions
- Icons made better on higher display resolutions
- Pressing F10 key on network resources did not remove non-existent items from the list. This is fixed.
- Sometimes the desktop sidebar would go missing. This is fixed.
- Clicking on Buy Now button used to crash RecentX :o( . This is fixed.

RecentX 5.0.21
- Instant folder changing in File Open/Save window made compatible with maximum apps

RecentX 5.0.20
- You can now use RecentX to instantly switch to different a folders in Windows File Open/Save window
- Better recent file detection when a single file is moved or renamed in Windows File Explorer

RecentX 5.0.19
- You can now exclude folders that you don't want to be indexed
- You can save upto 1000 clipboard clips now
- The backslash character now allows one to search any part of the file/folder address including the drive letter
- Some recently copied/moved files were not listed instantly. This is fixed
- Clipboard copying slowed down or interfered when copying text in Microsoft Excel. This is fixed

RecentX 5.0.18
- When using another File Manager to open folders using RecentX, the containing folder was opened instead of the selected folder. This is fixed
- The folders list did not show drives such as C:, D:, E: and network shares. This is fixed
- When moving a single file, RecentX's list was not updated. This is fixed

RecentX 5.0.17
- You can now use RecentX to quickly select the folder in Window's Folder open/save window. Ealier RecentX used to work only with File open/save window
- RecentX now updates the list immediately when a file/folder is renamed or deleted using Windows File Explorer
- New items are indexed faster
- Removed the feature to lock RecentX as it was less used and caused more confusion
- Since last update RecentX did not remember the column settings (width, position etc)

RecentX 5.0.16
- It is now possible to tag network/remote files and folders from Windows File Explorer
- Sometimes RecentX listed system folders as if "recently accessed" even when they were not actually accessed by the user. This is fixed
- Renaming an image clipboard item caused RecentX to crash. This is fixed

RecentX 5.0.15
- Added a major feature: You can now tag files and folders directly from Windows File Explorer
- Dark mode added
- You can now search items by multiple tags. Simply hold the Ctrl key and click on the tag buttons from the toolbar
- RecentX did not list older websites after re-indexing

RecentX 5.0.14
- Change log not available for this version

RecentX 5.0.13
- 64 bit version crashed on previewing png files. This is fixed.
- 64 bit version crashed on accessing the Windows File Explorer's menu. This is fixed.

RecentX 5.0.12
- Another round of drastic search speed improvement. You will be surprised
- Added support for Chromium based Microsoft Edge browser
- Shortcuts to files, folders etc can be created easily by dragging and dropping the item with Ctrl+Alt keys pressed
- Multiple selection of items is more convenient
- RecentX program files are now 64 bit
- Address column that was removed in version 5.0.8, has now been added back so that the list can be sorted by address. It is hidden by default
- Renaming an item removed its tags. This is fixed
- Some systems showed 'Out of memory' error under certain conditions. This is fixed
- Now, pressing the Tab key from the find text box directly selects the item in the list

RecentX 5.0.10
- The search results now show all matching items instead of initial 250 items
- The search results are more accurate
- The tags toolbar resizes automatically based the number of tags
- Chrome and Vivaldi browsers now pick the last profile used. Earlier, RecentX used to pick only Default profile
- Using hyphen (-) in keywords caused inaccurate results. This is fixed
- Sometimes renaming a file resulted in duplicate items in the files list. This is fixed
- Renaming a clipboard item did not succeed. This is fixed
- Multiple filters were not being deleted correctly. This is fixed
- Other UI improvements and bug fixes

RecentX 5.0.9
- Item names in list appear in bold text for quick identification
- Websites list items now show the exact browser icon
- Search text box width increased
- For some items, incorrect tags were shown along with the correct ones. This is fixed

RecentX 5.0.8
- The list view is improved. It is less cluttery and with better usability
- Added support for Microsoft Edge history & bookmarks
- Added support for Vivaldi Browser history & bookmarks
- It is possible to copy (or drag and drop) multiple items from clipboard list
- RecentX did not index files from removable drives. This has been fixed

RecentX 5.0.7
- Fixed: It was not possible to resize the last column (Date Accessed)
- Fixed: The first column in RecentX window was too narrow. It did not display 3 digit numbers
- Fixed: RecentX prevented system shutdown after installing latest Windows Fall Creators Update

RecentX 5.0.6
- RecentX did not run successfully when the user name (Windows account) contained non-english alphabets

RecentX 5.0.5
- RecentX now picks up shortcuts from Windows desktop also
- Improved search-as-you-type behavior
- The programs, websites and clipboard lists did not show tags in the Tags column. This has been fixed
- Fixed a crash that occurred when exiting RecentX

RecentX 5.0.4
- After using a tag in clipboard list, the list wasn't sorted based on 'Date Added'. So the most recent item did not appear on top. This has been fixed.

RecentX 5.0.3
- You can now disable clipboard monitoring on specific programs

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