SketchUp Make 17.2.2555 (64-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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SketchUp 製作 64 位是一個簡單易用的 3D 建模工具,可以單獨使用或作為 Google 地球插件使用。有了它,您可以創建任何類型的二維或三維對象,甚至可以更改所用模型的顏色方案或材料。成品模型可以印刷,出版,存儲在 3D 模型庫甚至直接發布到谷歌地球,其中實際結構的用戶創建的模型可以由數百萬遊客誰每天都在使用這兩種服務在所有現代 PC 和便攜式 devices.

There 可見很多偉大的建模工具,目前在市場上,但 SketchUp 的從地上爬起來建先建模程序的新手,但留出足夠的提前工具和那些新手和高級用戶的一致好評有空間實驗服務,拓展他們的知識和學習了無數關於 3D 建模世界的新事物。這種方法簡單和容易獲得先進的工具完美展示在其界面,它提供了各種工具,文檔和教程,可以為每個新手提供輕鬆的適應。通過 SketchUp 製作 64 位,用戶可以輕鬆地對您的客廳進行建模和重新裝修,創建一個新的家具,為 Google 地球建模您的城市,將其用作學校或大學項目的工具,將其引入您的工作流程中更多.

免費版 SketchUp Make 可以不受限制地使用,但是專業人員極有可能被吸引到付費“Pro”版本,將更多的注意力放在架構上,更容易將繪圖轉換成 3D 對象。

是什麼使 SketchUp 變得更好?
邊緣和麵部:就是這樣推 / 拉:從 2D 快速到 3D 精確測量:工作精度也跟著我創建複雜的擠壓和車形式油漆桶:應用顏色和紋理組和組件:構建更具智慧的模型陰影:執行樹蔭研究和增加真實感節:看到自己的模型場景內:保存視圖,並創建動畫環顧四周,步行:了解你的作品的第一手尺寸和標籤:將信息添加到您的設計指導老師:很快流行起來層和大綱:井井有條谷歌地球:在上下文中沙盒工具的模型:地形 3D 模型庫工作:找到幾乎任何型號的你需要導入 3DS:獲取建模的先機導入圖像:使用照片繪製牆壁導出 TIFF,JPEG 和 PNG 注意: :SketchUp Make 免費供教育和個人使用。 SketchUp Make 允許您測試 SketchUp Pro 中的 LayOut 和 Style Builder 工具 30 天。這段時間過後,您可以繼續使用 SketchUp Make。如果您想從應用程序的所有功能中獲益,您可以選擇購買。

也可以:下載 SketchUp Make for Mac

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SketchUp Make 17.2.2555 (64-bit)


Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64


Trimble Navigation Limited


What's new in this version:

Fixes/Improvements Stability:
- Fixed a frequent crash that could occur when inserting components and doing other actions (e.g., renaming a component, deleting entities, changing component properties)
- Fixed a frequent crash that could occur when copy/pasting geometry that needs to be merged with hidden geometry
- Fixed a frequent crash that could occur when doing a copy/rotate after having cancelled out of a previous copy/rotate by activating another tool
- Fixed a frequent crash that could occur on some systems with AMD/ATI graphics cards
- Fixed a crash that could occur when opening/working in some models with unfixed validity errors
- Added a fix for a non-reproducible crash that could occur when using the Rectangle tool

Tools and Inferencing:
Made updates to Measurements toolbar entries for tools:
- A closing bracket is now added automatically when an opening bracket is entered for both square and angle brackets related to point and delta input such as [nn,nn,nn] and (in US locale)
- (Win) SketchUp now recognizes both the decimal and list separators that are set within the Windows OS
- Fixed an issue with the Rotated Rectangle tool where entries in the VCB (Measurements toolbar) were not working as expected after the second click
- Fixed an issue in which Dimensions or Text would snap to a sub-component origin instead of the component origin
- Fixed an issue with the Tape Measure tool in which a model would not rescale when measuring two points on a face and entering in a value in the VCB (Measurements toolbar)
- Fixed an issue with the Tape Measure tool in which you could not infer from a face to create a guideline along another face
- (Win) Fixed an issue with the Tape Measure tool where guides would toggle off when using Ctrl + Z to undo a previous operation

- Fixed an issue where materials on faces could be lost or faces could be flipped after modifying geometry in certain cases
- Fixed an issue where an offset of an ellipse would sometimes offset as a circle
- Fixed an issue where color swapping/pixelation would occur on very small textures
- Improved Checkup’s messaging for graphics cards that report inaccurate memory information
- Improved our ability to get diagnostic data on startup crashes
- Fixed an issue where the letterbox bars were displayed incorrectly when the Advanced Camera Tools’ aspect ratio did not match the current window
- Fixed an issue where Advanced Camera Tools did not correctly export 2D images

LayOut Release Notes:
- Fixes/Improvements Stability
- Fixed a Raster and Hybrid Rendering crash that would show up during DWG export
- Fixed a crash related to the Text Edit
- (Win) Fixed a crash with DWG export when the file being exported was in use or the user does not have write permission

DWG Export
- (Win) Fixed an issue where exporting an individual page would export the following page
- Tables
- Fixed an issue where inserting certain Excel files would fail, we have expanded the ability to insert a wider range of Excel formatting
- Fixed an issue where the user would not be able to update a table when the external file was lost
- Fixed an issue where Excel formatting was used when the ‘Use Excel Formatting’ was unchecked
- PID’s/Dimensioning
- Fixed an issue where entering a new dimension after exiting Edit 3D View would produce a wrong measurement
- Miscellaneous
- Fixed an issue where current camera position would be lost when switching to a scene with no camera properties
- Fixed an issue where Classification attributes were not showing up in the Label auto-text dropdown
- (Win) Fixed an issue where the SketchUp model text can appear too big within LayOut

SketchUp API Release Notes:
- Fixes/Improvements General
- Ruby API
- Fixed an issue with HtmlDialogs where SketchUp would crash when the dialog was closed before all callbacks were processed
- Fixed an issue where extensions with multiple periods in filenames would not load
- Fixed an issue where BSTRToUTF8() returned unreliable data
- Added SUGetColorOrder() to allow for a platform dependent way to get the indices indicating the ordering of color data within 32-bit bitmap images
- Added SUTextureWriterGetImageRep() to allow for a way to export ImageRep from TextureWritter
- Added SUModelCreateFromBuffer() to allow for the creation of models from the bytes buffer

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