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SyncBackFree 可以處理任何語言的文件名和無限的文件名長度,並且您將享受如何選擇要包含在備份中的文件和文件夾的巨大靈活性。該程序可以讓您輕鬆查看被複製的內容以及沒有直接報告的內容。與壓縮,FTP 等等,SyncBackFree 還包括一個廣泛的幫助文件.

SyncBackFree 是專為所有版本的 Windows,從 XP 到最新的 Windows 8(雖然它不旨在在服務器版本的 Windows 上工作)和測試和與其更強大的名稱 SyncBackSE 和 SyncBackPro 共享相同的易於使用的界面。如果您的備份要求很高,那麼您可以安全地在同一台計算機上同時安裝 SyncBackFree,SyncBackSE 和 SyncBackPro,以發現最適合您需求的解決方案.

SyncBack 主要功能:備份 - 保護您的數據恢復 - 恢復丟失文件輕鬆複製打開文件 - 備份實時文檔版本控制 - 保留以前的版本增量備份 - 是否需要什麼 FTP 和電子郵件 - 在線訪問性能和安全性節流 - 盡可能快同步 - 與 2 台或更多台計算機一起使用安全 - 保密數據專用壓縮 - 保持文件小自動化 - 設置並忘記高級定制 - 一系列優秀的選項 Windows 8,Windows 7 和 Vista 兼容

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29.18 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10




What's new in this version:

- Profiles set to run periodically or when files are changed can now be added to the queue instead of being run immediately

- TLS 1.2 is now always used with Box
- The option of what to do when all profiles end is now saved
- In the New Profile Wizard there is an add button to manually add a cloud bucket
- SSL connections are re-used with FTPS when using Eldos FTP engine (already does this with WeOnlyDo)
- Better OneDrive throttling handling when an error occurs during fragmented upload
- Network profile settings tab now always visible
- Profile remembers what the destination was previously so can revert back to it in future via profile config
- Default FTP engine is now WeOnlyDo for FTP, FTPS and SFTP
- Using newer compiler (Delphi 10.3.3)
- For passive connections, "always use the servers IP address" setting now for all FTP engines
- Russian translations
- If file and folder selections are disabled then prompted if want to reset the selections (delete selections database)
- Better fault tolerance when scanning Dropbox
- First column in Details list on History tab can now be resized

- Windows positions when taskbar is on left or top of screen
- You can now rename a profile to the same name but with different case
- RMDA FTP command fails when directory to delete is the base directory
- The 64-bit No Install release had the wrong non-admin manifest file
- When using parallel compression or cloud transfers, in rare cases it may fail to end the profile
- Failed to download empty files from OneDrive
- Now able to get symbolic link target details with WeOnlyDo SFTP. Warning! This fix means directories previously seen as files will now be correctly identified as directories. This means files not previously included in the profile may now be.
- Source file attributes lost if large number of files
- When changing filter type from default was prompted each time filter window opened
- Can get stuck in a loop when getting an error uploading to WebDAV
- Now reconnects to FTP correctly when no transfer time limit exceeded
- Selections no longer lost when using SHIFT and UP/DOWN keys
- When uploading single Zip to Google Drive, the delete to trash setting is now respected

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