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Syncovery 是 Windows PC 的文件同步和備份軟件! Syncovery 會以您需要的方式複制您的文件。備份數據並同步 PC,Mac,服務器,筆記本和在線存儲空間。推薦給公司和私人用戶。瀏覽許多功能,並立即下載 Synology!

Syncovery 功能:
同步在不同位置的文件和完整的文件夾結構,如 PC 和筆記本電腦。 64 位 I / O 確保支持大於 4GB 的文件。將完整的選項設置保存為配置文件,即時訪問所有保存的設置。您甚至可以使用一個命令運行多個配置文件。檢測移動的文件。如果您通過將文件移動到不同的位置來重新組織文件夾,超級靈活文件同步程序將檢測到這一點,并快速執行相同的步驟,例如,在您的筆記本電腦上。沒有多餘的複制!與調度程序。在每天的方便時間或按照您的希望頻繁安排您的數據在備份硬盤上的同步。靈活而靈活。如果由於其他軟件訪問這些文件而無法複製某些文件,則同步器將繼續複製剩餘的文件,然後重試所有被鎖定的文件,直到所有文件都已成功複製。可以指定重試時間的限制。但是,在重試階段,同步器只使用最少的 CPU 資源。保留每個文件的多個備份版本(可選)此功能不會覆蓋備份文件,而是將其重命名,直到達到可選數量的不同備份版本。您還可以指定將這些較舊的備份版本放在哪裡(與原始文件夾位於相同的文件夾中,或放在其子文件夾中,或放在完整配置文件的一個子文件夾中)。數據庫感知。一種特殊的技術可以防止複制數據庫文件(包括 SQL Server 數據庫文件)時的任何數據損壞同步器將等待複製,直到它完全獨占訪問該文件。在復製過程中,數據庫服務器將無法使用該文件。所以,使用這個軟件作為數據庫文件的備份工具的一個先決條件是它們有時候不會被使用(例如在晚上)。可以使用回收站來覆蓋舊版本的文件。這是一個相當獨特的功能,因為大多數程序將永久替換舊版本的文件。使用超級靈活的文件同步器,您將有機會檢索覆蓋的文件,如果您選擇適當的選項。多個文件掩碼(包含和排除)文件掩碼是透明(和迅速!)處理。即使你指定了多餘的文件掩碼,也不會有奇怪的副作用。選擇基本文件夾項目。想只同步一些文件夾?無需為每個文件夾單獨運行。只需指定包含這些文件夾的基本文件夾,然後選擇“僅從基本文件夾中選擇的項目...”。使用已廢棄的文件夾最小化加載。如果偶爾將廢棄的文件移動到特定的文件夾,這通常會導致傳統的文件同步器出現問題。他們會將過時的文件從筆記本電腦中復製到您將其移出的文件夾中。不再!如果使用上述的“選擇基本文件夾項目”選項,則可以為每個文件夾旁邊的灰色複選標記放置過時的文件。這些文件夾然後被考慮到移動文件到他們,但不是複製文件。因此,同步器在您的筆記本電腦上執行與您以前在 PC 上執行的過時文件相同的操作,但是它不會浪費任何時間在兩台機器之間複製所有過時的文件。使用夏令時無需擔心由於如果文件大小匹配,精確的 1 小時時差可以忽略不計,如果兩台計算機的文件系統關閉一個小時,則不會有任何問題。如果這只適用於某些文件,那很好!忽略偏移是以一種靈活的方式完成的,而不是在一個小時內增加一個固定的數字。輕鬆恢復磁盤完整。您只需騰出更多的空間,並要求軟件繼續複製。它可以暫停在一個文件的中間,直到額外的空間被釋放。無人值守模式。在這種模式下,沒有問題。您可以預先指定哪些類型的文件可能會被覆蓋。可以選擇創建精確的鏡像。如果需要,您可以選擇創建一個精確的數據鏡像,即使這意味著某些文件被刪除或替換為較舊的文件。注:30 天試用版.

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Syncovery 8.18 (64-bit)


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Windows XP 64 / Vista 64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64


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What's new in this version:

Syncovery 8.18 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 8.17 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 8.16 (64-bit)
- Adds the option to use the Glacier storage class via Amazon S3
- Adds support for restoring files from Glacier via Amazon S3, including expedited restore (in attended mode)
- Fixes a possible upload error message to Microsoft Graph which caused files of certain sizes to be uploaded twice (the second time with success). This could happen only to the first file in an upload thread and only if it was between 4 MB and 64MB in size

Syncovery 8.15 (64-bit)
- Fixes bugs with the new changes based listing for SharePoint Online, Graph, and OneDrive. Most importantly, a listing problem was fixed when multiple files have the same root folder ID

Syncovery 8.12g (64-bit)
- Improvements for SharePoint Online and OneDrive
- The setting “If the Destination Machine Modifies Received Files, Changing Their Sizes Upon Reception, Then Copy Such Updated Files Back” now works with SharePoint Online. For example, SharePoint may add metadata to uploaded Office documents.

Syncovery 8.12f (64-bit)
- Fixes an issue where browsing Azure containers would not work unless a container was already specified
- Fixes a bug that could cause Syncovery not to be able to open its GUI on some rare systems

Syncovery 8.12d (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 8.12c (64-bit)
- Improved upload speed and reliability with Google Drive
- Fixes a situation where Zip Packages were only created in the TEMP folder and not been copied to the destination (depending on the settings)

Syncovery 8.11b (64-bit)
- Improvements with browser based progress reporting for background jobs
- Minor bug fixes

Syncovery 8.11a (32-bit)
- Fixes some issues with the new feature “Show detailed progress or results in browser”
- Now shows a clickable “Click here to authorize Syncovery with the cloud service” link in the GUI, for background jobs that need authorization, rather than the old “Visit Auth URL:”

Syncovery 8.11 (64-bit)
- Adds an optional browser based GUI. Enable it from the Cloud tab sheet of the Program Settings dialog
- Fixes a problem where the progress and/or run times were not updated in the GUI if your machine is in a timezone to the west of UTC

Syncovery 8.06 (64-bit)
- Adds support for PCloud
- Improved MTP copying speed
- Raw image files uploaded to Amazon drive are now recognized and counted as photos

Syncovery 8.05 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 8.04 (64-bit)
- Improves handling of incorrect passwords when comparing or restoring Sz compressed files
- Additional fields in XML file list export
- Now compatible with stdout redirection of SyncoveryCL command line tool

Syncovery 8.03 (64-bit)
- Adds XML export of the file list (see Database tab sheet)
- WebDAV can now handle HTTP redirects

Syncovery 8.02 (64-bit)
- The importer can now import profile settings from log files
- Adds PascalScript hook OnGetCustomHeaders to set custom headers for Amazon S3 uploads
- Source file deletion at the end of a file move operation is now retried for a number of minutes if you specify “Wait for Access” on the File Access tab sheet

Syncovery 8.01 (64-bit)

- The option “Detect Renamed Files” in conjunction with Block Level Copying and File System Monitoring can now detect files with have been both renamed and modified
- Fixes a problem where the Execute before/after command lines could not deal with paths to the EXE file or script that had spaces
- Features new toolbar icons, which had a brief appearance during beta phase but weren’t included in v8.00

To avoid the DEL character for Filename Encoding, you can add the following line to the Main section of the INI file:
- AvoidDELForFilenameEncryption=1

Syncovery 8.00 (64-bit)

New features:
- The subfolder selection dialog has a new checkmark “Automatically Add Future New Folders and Files to Selection”.
- OneDrive and SharePoint folder listings are now done via fast “changes” based technology, rather than scanning the complete folder hierarchy every time.
- Adds Block Level Copying based on our new File System Monitor Service (for Windows only, see separate section below).
- Adds PascalScript as an integrated scripting language which allows you to customize and add profile behavior in many ways.
- Adds direct compression and AES encryption to cloud storage with the new .sz file format. No temporary files, no disk space needed. The .sz format is an optional alternative to the existing .zip format. The .sz format features optional ultrafast compression, or extra strong compression, and huge AES encryption speeds.
- No longer needs temporary files when doing a binary comparison or verification of a file via Internet protocol, including .sz compressed files.
- AES encryption speed with zip files also much improved.
- Uploads to Google Drive can now preserve folder timestamps (Comparison->More->Folder Timestamps).
- New icon
- Supports Amazon S3 Inventories
- Updated libraries (such as SFTP with more algorithms)

The new File System Monitoring Service (Windows only):
- The new File System Monitoring Service can record a list of changed blocks in order to improve block level updating of mirrored files
- Choose this new feature on the Special tab sheet
- Block level copying is now fast, without the need for tedious MD5 checksum calculations. When Syncovery starts the job, it will already know which blocks need to be copied
- The new setting “Detect Changes Via File System Monitoring Even If Timestamps Unchanged” can now be used instead of “Always copy, even if timestamp unchanged”
- The Remote Service Control Panel is now the Auxiliary Services Control Panel, where you can configure the File System Monitoring service too. In most cases, you do not have to make any settings there
- See also the new “Mode 0” on our documentation on block level copying

Syncovery 7.98p (64-bit)
- Fixes getting the file listing via rsync protocol
- Fixes creating subfolders via Mega protocol

Syncovery 7.98o (64-bit)
- Contains updated OpenSSL libraries and trusted certificate list
- Fixes some minor issues

Syncovery 7.98h (64-bit)
- fixes the Move Files Mode Configuration dialog which sometimes showed the wrong radio button chosen
- Move Files Mode will now double-check if the source file still exists before deleting a destination file with the same name
- bug fix for AWS KMS Server Side Encryption

Syncovery 7.98g (64-bit)
- Fixes a possible endless loop processing json files with cloud services such as Amazon Drive and DropBox

Syncovery 7.98d (64-bit)
- includes an updated Syncovery VSS Service to fix a potential compatibility issue with Windows 10 April 2018 and custom fonts
- additional minor fixes

Syncovery 7.98c (64-bit)
- when attaching log files to notification emails, Syncovery will now zip them if over 2MB large, and totally avoid the attachment if even the zipped log is over 6MB
- fixes last modification timestamps with uploaded files to Backblaze B2, which despite our best intentions were not compatible with other apps

Syncovery 7.98b (64-bit)
- contains another Remote Service update that fixes delays when the global log file syncoveryremserv.log was deleted

Syncovery 7.98 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 7.97g (64-bit)
- fixes a bug where Syncovery may leave temporary files behind on DropBox. These files were older versions of replaced files, and had a GUID plus _syncovery filename extension. They were not in the same folder as the actual uploaded file

Syncovery 7.97c (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 7.97a (64-bit)
- automatically skips OneNote files which cannot be downloaded from OneDrive / Sharepoint
- fixes a SmartTracking case where a newer file would not be copied if an older version of the same file was previously deleted from the destination

Syncovery 7.96 (64-bit)
- Introduces multithreaded folder scanning for cloud services such as Box and OneDrive, which do not support scanning the full hierarchy recursively
- Various cloud processing efficiency improvements and fixes
- Stability fixes for OneDrive for Business and possible other OneDrive or Sharepoint drives

Syncovery 7.95g (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 7.94 (64-bit)
- suppresses a Windows prompt that sometimes appeared when Syncovery was looking for a volume label and tried to access drives with no media (such as an SD card slot)
- fixes an error message in a few previous versions that occurred when real-time jobs used volume labels to identify the drive (SERVICE ERROR: A base path in the profile is invalid)

Syncovery 7.93h (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 7.93g (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 7.93e (64-bit)
- fixes an incompatibility between Amazon S3 with Folder Name Encryption and Cache Destination File List
- Zip Packages now take the option “Limit Zip File Size” into account again even if Filename Encryption is used

Syncovery 7.93b (64-bit)
- fixes a problem where zipping, encryption, or Filename Encryption could cause two versions of a file being kept in the backup even if Versioning settings are off
- small fix with case sensitivity mode when Filename Encryption is used to allow case duplicates on storages that are case insensitive

Syncovery 7.93a (64-bit)
- fixes an authentication problem with Amazon Drive (and possibly others) introduced in 7.93

Syncovery 7.93 (64-bit)
- the Graph protocol can now access Office 365 Groups
- completes compliance with Backblaze B2 integration checklist
- adds Strict Case Sensitive Mode on Mac and Windows (under Comparison->More)
- on Windows, you can use case sensitive mode when copying between case sensitive Internet protocols, or when using Filename Encryption on a local volume
- on Mac, you can also use case-sensitive local volumes
- improves uploading to MediaFire
- sets content type for files being uploaded to Azure BLOB storage
- speeds up finding moved or renamed folders

Syncovery 7.90 (64-bit)
- uploads to Sharepoint and OneDrive for Business now preserve modification timestamps
- Syncovery can now access any document library and sub-site of a Sharepoint site. Use the Browse button to choose the library to sync with

Syncovery 7.89a (64-bit)
- implements the chunked upload API for Box, making large file uploads more reliable
- fixes possible Time Window bugs where manual profile runs could be affected too and scheduled ones sometimes not

Syncovery 7.89 (64-bit)
- Corrected authentication token handling for cloud services (especially Box)
- Uploading split files now skips previously uploaded parts even if the setting “Filename Encoding” is used

Syncovery 7.88i (64-bit)
- Reinstates access to OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint. Unfortunately a secret API key expired today, making this update necessary

Syncovery 7.88f (64-bit)
- Fixes various bugs with cloud storages

Syncovery 7.88d (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 7.87f (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 7.87e (64-bit)
- fixes an error about missing parts when restoring from a Synthetic backup

Syncovery 7.87d (64-bit)
- the changes-based cloud logic (for Box, DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon Drive) will now avoid re-scanning all folders if there are only minor inconsistencies in the cache database
- smaller fixes

Syncovery 7.87c (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 7.87b (64-bit)
- uploads to Amazon drive are now always verified with MD5 checksums, and the verification is logged. The option “Verify copied files” should no longer be used, as it causes an additional redundant check
- cloud uploads use a bit less CPU

Syncovery 7.87a (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

Syncovery 7.87 (64-bit)
Improvements for copying NTFS Security Settings (aka permissions):
- the option “Strip Unknown SIDs” is not applied to files and folders too (not only file shares, as previously)
- when processing the base folder, it is now optional to allow Syncovery to disable inheritance if necessary to make an exact mirror of the permissions (previously, Syncovery disabled inheritance whenever necessary)

Syncovery 7.86d (64-bit)
- fixes an AV when installing an update via “Check for update”

Syncovery 7.86c (64-bit)
- fixes a Unicode related bug that could surface with cloud storage

Syncovery 7.86 (64-bit)
- changes the default FTP library to #3
- fixes a rare acess violation error with cloud storage

Syncovery 7.85 (64-bit)
- uses the new Google Drive API V3 with support for Team Drives
- uses much less memory when processing cloud folder listings (such as Google Drive, Amazon drive, DropBox and Box)
- produces much smaller databases (factor 4-10 reduction)
- in many cases, existing databases can be deleted in order to get the new smaller databases. Except if you depend on Synthetic Backup / Block Level Copying or Cache Destination File List

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