Insomnia 6.0.2 軟體資訊介紹&下載

Trend Micro Antivirus+ (32-bit),軟體教學,軟體下載,電腦問題,電腦教學
趨勢科技防病毒 + 安全軟件為您的 PC 必不可少的網絡保護,使您可以放心地享受數字生活。趨勢科技防病毒 + 提供先進的在線保護和隱私,所以你可以放心地享受數字生活。它還具有最新的反勒索軟件技術。行業專家最近將趨勢科技安全評估為 100%的網絡威脅防護。全面保護您免受病毒和其他惡意軟件的侵害!阻止 250,000,000+ 日常威脅!

趨勢科技殺毒 + 功能:

對 RansomwareProtects
Safeguards 保護文件免受未經授權的加密,以及備份已被可疑程序鎖定的文件.

Blocks 病毒,間諜軟件,蠕蟲和木馬感染您的計算機.

Blocks 危險 Websites
Protects 從犯罪分子電腦通過識別網站和社交網絡,電子郵件和即時對含有釣魚詐騙身份 Theft
Detects 垃圾郵件,可以誘騙您洩露個人 information.

Note messages.

Guards 危險鏈接:30 天試用 version.

Also 可用:下載 Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac

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Insomnia 6.0.2


64.5 MB

Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Trend Micro Inc


What's new in this version:

Insomnia 6.0.2

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed unicode handling in JSON responses
- Fixed AWS auth signing with invalid Content-Type header
- Snap builds working again
- Linux package now built with Ubuntu 14.04
- Don't crash on plugin error

Minor Tweaks:
- Recursive variable improvements

Insomnia 6.0.1
- GraphQL query highlighting improvements
- Invisible cursor/selection now visible again on default theme
- Fixed unicode escaping
- Fixed the sync button no longer being pinned to bottom of sidebar

Insomnia 6.0.0
Major Changes:
- Themes no longer restricted to premium users
- One Dark and One Light themes
- GraphQL queries now show reference documentation mouse hover
- GraphQL operationName now set based on cursor position (if multiple named queries exist)
- Can now view GraphQL introspection request's response on failure
- Setting to configure environment highlight color style
- Environments are now sortable from within the Manage Environments dialog
- Cookie jar template tag (#1039 by coolhome)
- Added ability for plugins to define themes
- New storage API added to plugin API to store/retrieve data
- Greatly improved (more strict) fuzzy search

Bug Fixes:
- No longer specify multipart/form-data boundary when generating Curl requests
- Curl code generation now respects URL encoding option
- Environment now works as expected when no active request is selected
- The prompt template tag now only executes once per request
- No longer fail to render when comment ('#}') is included in GraphQL query
- Small fix related to same-variable-name environment merging
- Support absent Content-Type header for AWS authentication
- Improved error handling for async template tag errors
- Better response preview webview charset handling
- Tag editor dialog preview no longer jumps when an error is present

Minor Tweaks:
- Request template tag now has a new option to get the folder and name
- GraphQL introspection query now specifies operationName property
- New response.setBody API for plugin response hooks
- ASAP Auth now default additionalClaims to empty object
- Now purge raw response bodies when responses are deleted from history
- Added styling for ordered lists to markdown previews
- Add audience parameter to implicit OAuth 2.0 grant type
- Improvements to autocomplete when editing GraphQL variables
- More token types supported for syntax highlighting of Markdown previews (docs)
- Request switcher (Cmd+p) now sorts results by best match
- GraphQL operationName now shown below query editor when set
- Add button to clear current sidebar filter
- Prompt tag now supports masked input (type=password)
- Add ability to see response for failed OAuth 2.0 token fetch requests
- Theme thumbnails are now generated SVGs instead of screenshots

Insomnia 5.16.2
- Headers with empty values are now sent
- Remove debounce for OAuth forms (was causing issues)
- Fix AWS auth not applying some settings
- Include nghttp2lib dependency in Linux builds

Insomnia 5.16.1
- Fix Insomnia Plus/Teams login form error

Insomnia 5.15.0

Major Changes:
- New template tag for executing JSONPath queries on arbitrary strings. This is useful if you include stringified JSON in your environment or are using the file template tag
- Folders and requests can now be moved to different workspaces. This can be done via the folder's dropdown menu in the sidebar or in the request settings dialog
- Additional claims field now available on ASAP authentication (#822 by BCook98)
- GraphQL schema fetches now share OAuth 2.0 tokens with parent request

Bug Fixes:
- Request name and parent folder no longer reverted when selecting previous history item
- GraphQL introspection requests are no longer synced or exported
- Choosing an environment color no longer affects multiple environments (rare bug)
- Form URLEncoded no longer forgets if the value type is set to multi-line
- No longer requires write permission when including files in multipart form data
- Backslashes inside template tags no longer break previews
- Escaped unicode sequences now show properly in environment editor
- Generated Curl commands now handle duplicate query parameter names
- CSV and multipart response viewers no longer show stale responses
- URLs in autocomplete results no longer prevent variables and tags from being shown
- Prompt template tag no longer uses stale values

Minor Changes:
- Request hook plugins now executed for GraphQL introspection requests, code generation, and HAR export
- Ability to toggle OAuth 1/2 authentication on and off via checkbox
- Support Curl's --path-as-is flag. This can be toggled in the request settings dialog
- Region and service fields can now be explicitly set for AWS authentication
- Query parameter values can now be multi-line
- Key-value editors now have a delete-all option, available in new dropdown menu in bottom-left
- Verifier field can now be set for OAuth 1.0 authentication
- Response body now logged when OAuth 2.0 token fetches fail
- Authorization prefix label can now be specified when using Bearer authentication
- Ability to read/write query parameters added to plugin API. Thanks amree and luveti for the help!
- Rename placeholder in header editor
- Upgrade Electron to include patch for webview security vulnerability
- Update Windows code signing certificate
- Plugin download errors are now handled and logged properly
- Plugin installs now work with custom .npmrc configs
- Prompt template tag now has additional option to cache results
- Behind-the-scenes refactor to get ready for fuzzy matching improvements

Insomnia 5.14.9
- Fixed not being able to change body type on new requests

Insomnia 5.14.8
- Switching request to No Body now remembers previous body if re-enabled
- Prompt to create folder is now cancelable
- Update internal prompt plugin

Insomnia 5.14.7
- Bug Fixes: Fix app icon on Linux

Insomnia 5.14.6
- Basic support for importing Swagger 2.0 projects (#695 by slawus)
- Add RSA-SHA1 signing for OAuth 1.0 (#611 by c22)
- Response history now shows URL instead of time and size (#721 by iansu)
- Fix GraphQL autocomplete in nested blocks
- Fix code generation when multipart/form-data present
- Attempt to fix certain network requests hanging
- Fix body type changing automatically when content-type header updated
- GraphQL queries now work with OAuth 2.0 requests
- Base environment name no longer editable
- Support AWS multifactor auth (#730 by focusaurus)
- Add audience field to OAuth 2.0 client credentials grant (#679 by narhen)
- Add OpenID response type for OAuth 2.0 implicit grant (#681 by emdfonseca)
- Support INSOMNIA_DISABLE_AUTOMATIC_UPDATES environment variable
- Always show accurate HTTP status message (never default)
- Plugin arguments can now define a validate function
- Support XPath string results
- Added enable/disable toggle to most authentication types
- XPath queries no longer required to begin with forward slash
- New template tag to prompt for user input
- New OS template tag for accessing operating system values
- getBodyText and setBodyText added to plugin API

Insomnia 5.12.4

Bug Fixes:
- Fix GraphQL autocomplete in nested blocks
- Fix code generation when multipart/form-data present
- Fix certain network requests hanging during DNS lookup

Minor Changes:
- Support INSOMNIA_DISABLE_AUTOMATIC_UPDATES environment variable

Insomnia 5.12.1
- Less obtrusive update notification
- Fix environments disappearing during workspace duplication and sync
- Support for downloading huge files (over ~2GB)
- Fixed HAWK algorithm selection
- Fix environment editor not saving immediately after fixing an error
- Minor fix for Postman import
- Response timer always shows 1 decimal place
- Ability to specify auto-update channel
- Ability to disable auto-updates
- Moved database to the Electron main thread
- Use Google analytics API directly (no more external JS!)
- Faster storing of large response bodies
- Provide a convenient save button when large response gets hidden
- Disable request body linting over 1MB
- Add import/export APIs to plugin system

Insomnia 5.11.7

Major Changes:
- First-party support for viewing multipart responses

Bug Fixes:
- Accept header now overridable again
- Support showing multiple response headers with the same name

Insomnia 5.11.5
- Fix bug where dragging a folder into itself would make it disappear
- OAuth 2.0 requests now use same settings as current request
- Environment editor now refreshes from sync change when it's open
- Improvements to Curl importer
- Add back default Accept header from v5.11.0 but not Accept-Encoding
- New keyboard shortcut to delete active request
- Prompt user to automatically change Content-Type when binary file is selected
- Update documentation links to point to new support website

Insomnia 5.11.0
- OAuth 1.0 Support
- Atlassian ASAP Auth Support
- No longer require global npm to install plugins (included standalone Yarn)
- Fix GraphQL autocompletion not working
- Fix scroll jumping issue in key-value editors (headers, query, etc)
- Fix Cmd+Enter conflict in Sublime keymap
- Fix for raw cookie editor deleting cookies
- Print Curl version in Timeline
- Template tag editor no longer has delay when opening
- Added debug logging to OAuth 2.0 flow
- Support wildcards in port for client certificates
- Use more unique temporary director name to avoid conflicts
- No longer send default Accept and Accept-Encoding headers

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