Universal Media Server 7.6.0 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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Universal Media Server 是一種媒體服務器,能夠將視頻,音頻和圖像提供給任何支持 DLNA 的設備。它是免費的,定期更新,並具有比任何其他媒體服務器,包括付費媒體服務器更多的功能。支持所有主要的操作系統,Windows,Linux 和 Mac OS X 的版本。程序流或轉碼視頻,音頻和圖像格式幾乎沒有配置。它由 FFmpeg,MEncoder,tsMuxeR,MediaInfo,OpenSubtitles 等組成,支持多種媒體格式。支持多種設備,包括 Sony PlayStation 3(PS3)和 PlayStation 4(PS4),Microsoft Xbox 一個和 360,很多電視機(三星,松下,索尼,Vizio,LG,飛利浦,夏普),智能手機(iPhone,Android 等),藍光播放器,更多。

注意:Requries Java 運行時環境.

也可用:為 Mac

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Universal Media Server 7.6.0


86.21 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10





What's new in this version:

- Started to release installer wizard for macOS
- Started to use the "Album Artist" field for better audio file browsing of compilations
- Improved network connection stability
- Improved the web interface's accessibility and support for remote controls
- Removed the broken whitelist functionality
- Removed the broken plugins functionality
- Improved the Docker configuration
- Improved the speed of our automated testing suite
- Improved automated testing of filename prettifying
- Improved our default folder sharing stability
- Improved support for aspect ratio and scan order
- Improved file scanning/parsing speed
- Fixed tsMuxeR on macOS
- Fixed burning picture subtitles when other filters are also used in FFmpeg
- Fixed FFmpeg not enabling the GPU configuration toggle
- Fixed thumbnails not persisting to the database unless TRACE logging is enabled
- Fixed binaries not being picked up from the PATH on Linux
- Fixed support for Java 10+ on Linux
- Added build documentation to BUILD.md
- Updated documentation in CONTRIBUTING.md and STYLEGUIDE.md
- Improved code formatting

- Added recognition of video codecs: ASF, FFV1, RLE, S4UD, TGA and VRO
- Added recognition of audio formats: CAF
- Added recognition of audio codecs: CELP, MACE, Nellymoser and QCELP
- Fixed parsing of framerates via MediaInfo
- Improved recognition of AAC, FLV and WMA

- Added support for Bush Freeview
- Added support for the built-in "Resume" functionality on Samsung TVs
- Improved support for H.264 codec and SRT subtitles on PS4

Updated translations via Crowdin:
- Arabic translation updated
- Bulgarian translation updated
- Catalan translation updated
- Chinese Simplified translation updated
- Chinese Traditional translation updated
- Croatian translation updated
- Czech translation updated
- Danish translation updated
- Dutch translation updated
- Finnish translation updated
- French translation completed and validated
- German translation updated
- Greek translation updated
- Hungarian translation updated
- Italian translation updated
- Japanese translation updated
- Korean translation updated
- Norwegian translation updated
- Persian translation updated
- Polish translation completed and validated
- Portuguese translation updated
- Portuguese (Brazilian) translation updated
- Romanian translation updated
- Russian translation updated
- Slovak translation updated
- Slovenian translation updated
- Serbian (Cyrillic) translation updated
- Spanish translation completed
- Swedish translation updated
- Turkish translation updated

- Added commons-text 1.3
- Updated Cling to 2.1.2
- Updated commons-io to 2.6
- Updated commons-lang3 to 3.7
- Updated JUnrar to 1.0.1
- Updated Seamless to 1.1.2
- Updated sevenzip jbinding to 9.20-2.00beta
- Updated tsMuxeR on macOS to 2.6.11

Compatibility notes:
- These releases work on all versions of Java 7 onwards
- The Windows releases work on Windows Vista onwards

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