Vectr 0.1.16 (32-bit) 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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Vectr 是一個免費的圖形軟件,用於直觀地創建矢量圖形。這是一個簡單而強大的網頁和桌面跨平台工具,可將您的設計變為現實。 Vectr 直觀的工具讓您專注於真正重要的事情 - 創建漂亮的圖形設計。用於 PC 的 Vectr 是用於為 Windows PC 創建矢量圖形的免費設計編輯器程序。無需等待,即可向任何人發送 Vectr 文檔以進行實時協作。其他人可以看你創建和編輯設計,無論你是在網絡應用程序或桌面版本。

Vectr 桌面是 amazin 繪圖工具,可以讓你創建矢量圖像 - 可擴展的圖形,而不會失去分辨率 - 容易和直觀。矢量圖形不是使用像素,而是使用數學公式來繪製出您的作品。 Vectr 在幕後進行數學運算,所以你唯一需要關注的就是你正在創建的東西。憑藉其易於使用的界面,任何人都可以使用 Vectr 成為插畫師或圖形設計師 - 我們將告訴你如何在任何時間.

注意:要求免費 Vectr 帳戶.

Vectr (32-bit) Screenshot 1
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Vectr 0.1.16 (32-bit)


Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Vectr Labs Inc.


What's new in this version:

Keyboard Shortcuts:
- We’ve built a convenient and intuitive keyboard shortcuts system for you. You can toggle keyboard cheatsheet by pressing ? on your keyboard.
- Then once you press the shortcut - either the tool gets selected or the particular action is performed. Here’s a detailed desctiptions of the shortcuts and what they do:

Insert Tool Shortcuts:
- R - Activate rect tool
- U - Activate rounded rect tool
- O - Activate Ellipse tool
- V - Activate Pen tool (i.e. path point drawing)
- P - Activate Pencil tool (i.e. freehand path drawing)
- T - Activate Text tool

New Chat System:
- You may have also noticed that we’ve changed the chat system. It all works same as before, you can send the files through it and it’s even cooler and better from the inside actually :) Our amazing support team: Julia, Dima and Kate are always happy to help you out or note down your feedback on Vectr.

Performance Improvements:
- We’ve made a major restructuring of the backend of the application which has made the app even faster. Our product team is constantly working on smashing the small bugs and making the app work slick ????

Copy - Pasting Issue:
- There used to be an issue with copy pasting the objects last week. We’re happy to let you know that it’s fixed now!
- In the meanwhile, you’re most welcome to join our Facebook Vectr Community! We regularly post useful information and inspirational projects there
- We really hope designing with Vectr is easy and fun for you!

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