VIPole 3.9.1 Build 35807 軟體資訊介紹&下載

隨著 VIPole 的 Windows,保持安全,連接和高效率與所有在一個應用程序與端到端的加密!易於使用,安全和高度加密!一個用於加密消息傳遞,多用戶會議和管理文件的應用程序。多級安全系統保護您的數據免受未經授權的訪問。消除人為因素和應對緊急情況的特點。日常商業事務的基本功能集成在一個方便和安全的應用程序!


VIPole 主服務器上雲託管的團隊賬戶允許集中控制對敏感數據的訪問並動態管理用戶的設置組。減輕你的負擔,保持你的團隊的談話和文件安全。團隊成員可以在桌面和手機上享受 VIPole messenger 的全部功能,包括加密即時消息,會議,VoIP 和生產力功能。

VIPole 功能:

Safe& Secure
多級安全和端到端加密所有數據存儲和傳輸內 VIPole.



Team work
Group 聊天,雲存儲使團隊工作和協作有效和 easy.

Extra 服務

Backup& Sync


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VIPole 3.9.1 Build 35807


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Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


VIPole International LP


What's new in this version:

VIPole 3.9.1 Build 35807
- Change log not availabe for this version

VIPole 3.8.2 Build 34276
- Change log not availabe for this version

VIPole 3.8.1 Build 33413
- Change log not availabe for this version

VIPole 3.8.0 Build 33016
- Change log not availabe for this version

VIPole 3.7.21 Build 32875
- Change log not availabe for this version

VIPole 3.7.19 Build 32680
- Change log not availabe for this version

VIPole 3.7.18 Build 32229
- Change log not availabe for this version

VIPole 3.7.17 Build 31949
- Change log not availabe for this version

VIPole 3.7.14 Build 31362

New features:
- Basic user management operations became available to administrators on the user profile page on the site - invitation of new participants, blocking, promoting administrators
- Invitation of new Team members via email through the site and admin dashboard in desktop application
- Invitation of already registered users through the VIPole application to join the Team account
- All new members of the Team account are added to the dynamic contact group and appear in each other contact list
- Added the option to prevent members of the Team account from editing and deleting messages
- Ability to choose a template for security settings when inviting new members
- Added the ability to delete a user from the list of contacts of Team account members, when deleting from the dynamic group of contacts

Other options and fixes:
- Ability to clear the list of recent chats, either clear a single chat, or the entire list, or prevent selected chats from being added to the Recent list
- Improved window for sending images from the clipboard - displaying the image in full size with the option to scroll and crop the desired fragment before sending
- Fixes of minor bugs and improved performance

VIPole 3.7.12 Build 30761
- Change log not available for this version

VIPole 3.7.10 Build 30137
- Change log not available for this version

VIPole 3.7.9 Build 28283

New features:
- Improved user search dialog
- Status added for read messages
- The «Last seen» status of contacts
- Advanced search in Active Directory/LDAP in the corporate version

Improvements and bug fixes:
- Improved video quality in video conferencing
- Improved file removal when deleting history
- Improved file management
- Easy language selection in Options
- Improved message display in chats

VIPole 3.7.7 Build 24455
- With screen sharing, team collaboration is even easier. You no longer need to explain and discuss the issues that can be solved in no time when your contacts see them. Screen sharing is a great way to show your animated presentations and speak about the details that you wish to emphasize. Your tech support department will especially appreciate this feature, as it allows to help the new team members to get around.

VIPole 3.7.6 Build 21703

New features:
- Improved video quality of calls and conferences
- Adjusting the image quality in videoconferences
- Updated encrypted file storage driver
- Extended set of smiles
- Special notifications for messages addressed personally to a user
- Optimized order of folders in the password manager, a «Not in group» folder added
- Disabling smiles option in 'Settings'
- Improvements and bug fixes

- Bug with displaying active sessions
- Bug with canceling downloads of large files
- Team account: fixed administrator panel performance when reconnecting to the server
- Managing video quality

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