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Winstep Nexus Dock 是一個免費的 Windows 專業版。使用 Nexus,您最常使用的應用程序只需點擊鼠標即可完成 - Nexus 將您的計算機與您的計算機結合在一起,創造一個有趣而令人興奮的體驗。通過使用它,您可以輕鬆地將最常用的應用程序,快捷方式和目錄放在容易訪問的碼頭上,但這僅僅是一個開始。您還可以使用集成的插件將來自網絡的重要信息路由到您的碼頭,特別是來自任何目的地的天氣信息。通過在 PC 上安裝此應用程序,用戶可以選擇是否要完全刪除經典的 Windows 任務欄,並使用此時尚的擴展塢進行更改,或者將擴展塢放置在桌面的其他部分,同時使用兩者。需要注意的是,Winstep Nexus Dock 完全支持多顯示器配置.

Winstep Nexus Dock 的配置被精簡到一個水平,即使是完整的 PC 新手也可以輕鬆掌握它,只需幾分鐘就可以創建自己的個性化桌面體驗,從而提高生產力並帶來對他們的工作有點樂趣。由於碼頭不僅可以容納應用程序和目錄的快捷方式,還可以鼓勵用戶創建更多的應用程序和目錄,其中一些用於應用程序,一些用於監視系統的小部件,在過去的幾年中,來自世界各地的設計人員設法創建驚人的漂亮的圖標和小部件的設計,可以真正使您的 Windows 桌面彈出,看起來非常獨特.

Winstep Nexus Dock 免費功能:
顯示在任務分組,過濾和圖標自定義選項在碼頭上運行的應用程序         將碼頭上的系統托盤顯示為單個或分組圖標。         模糊 - 碼頭背景的背景和彩色化。         使用 Net Meter 模塊監控活動連接和帶寬使用。         獲取全球超過 39,000 個城市的天氣預報。         多個鼠標懸停效果:縮放,擺動,反彈等等!         實時圖標反射和反射和碼頭背景的動畫水狀效果。         通過拖放來輕鬆改變正在運行的程序和快捷方式的圖標的出現。將 PNG,ICO 和 TIF 文件直接放入圖標中。         支持多顯示器。         與所有第三方碼頭的皮膚兼容。

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Winstep Nexus Dock 19.2

37.69 MB

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


Winstep Team


What's new in this version:

Fixed weather module displaying N/A for some locations:
- Some locations close to airports use a METAR code to obtain current weather conditions. METAR information is reported directly to NOAA by airports around the world and is thus updated more frequently as well as being more detailed
- Recently NOOA's website started enforcing HTTPS connections instead of regular HTTP connections, which caused the connection to the NOAA server to fail, but in such a way that it did not trigger the fail safe mechanism designed to automatically retrieve current weather conditions from another weather provider such as
- This release fixes this issue and also adds HTTPS support to all the other backup weather feeds (, MSN and Yahoo).

New Light Mode User Interface style:
- Microsoft is adding a new light mode in the upcoming April Windows 10 update. We've proactively added a new matching 'Light Mode' to Winstep applications, which affects not only the User Interface panels but also context menus, balloon tooltips and thumbnail/live preview backgrounds

Ability to set the size of Grid Stacks:
- The size of a Grid Stack is automatically determined by default based on content and screen space available. Added new options to the Appearance tab of Grid Stack Property panels to set a fixed width and/or height

Improved handling of multi monitor profiles:
- The current multi monitor profile is now saved automatically when the application exits, which should prevent wrong settings from being applied after a display change
- Multi monitor profiles are especially useful for users with laptops and a second monitor, who need two different profiles for when at home or on the road

Further improved handling of UWP apps:
- Winstep applications are unique in their category because they're able to handle UWP apps in Windows 10 like normal Win32 applications. This is never-the-less made more difficult by Microsoft's propensity to break their own rules when it comes to UWP apps
- An example of this is Sticky Notes, which is owned by a Win32 Explorer window despite being a UWP app. This was causing Sticky Notes not to be handled properly by the Winstep application (especially if you tried pinning it to the dock or the NextSTART taskbar) until we fixed it in this release
- Also fixed in v19.2 is the fact that left clicking a UWP app in a Shelf, Drawer or Grid Stack would always launch a new instance regardless of the current 'Do not launch multiple sessions' setting

Bad activation date for annual alarms:
- A bug calculating the next activation date for annual alarms could cause them to skip one year. This has been fixed, but if you have any anual alarms set you might want to double-check their current activation dates - to fix it just edit the alarm and press OK

Multiple User Interface tweaks:
- Changed some of the icons used in the User Interface to better match the overal style of Windows 10 and made sure section headers in the User Interface are always bright enough to be seen against Dark Mode panel backgrounds even if the currently system Accent color isn't

Fixed icon label text effect settings:
- The text effect setting (Normal, Outline, Shadow, Sharp, Emboss) used for dock icon labels in the new Icon Label Settings dialog was not being properly applied

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