XChat 2.8.9 軟體資訊介紹&下載

XChat 是一個流行的互聯網中繼聊天(IRC)客戶端。它有一個選項卡式的文檔界面或樹形界面,支持多個服務器,高度可配置.

XChat 是一個全功能的 IRC 客戶端,包括所有基本功能,在大多數其他 IRC 客戶端,包括 CTCP,DCC 文件傳輸並支持各種語言(包括 C,C ++,Perl,Python,Tcl,Ruby,Lua,CLISP,D 和 DMDScript)的插件系統。通過編寫插件,XChat 的特性和功能可以擴展和定制.


XChat Screenshot 1

XChat 2.8.9


Windows (All Versions)


Peter Zelezny



What's new in this version:

- The balloon time is now adjustable via /set input_balloon_time <seconds>.
- The /Ghost command's password parameter is now optional.
- Updated the default IRC network list with various additions.
- When switching tabs, made the treeview only scroll if the selected item isn't visible.
- The Search/Find window can now be closed with the ESC key.
- Selecting an item in the nickmenu will now copy it to clipboard.
- New icons for notification area (systray).
- For the auto-join command, added an 'x' filler for empty keys. This works around a bug in ircd-seven.
- Lifted a limitation which only allowed the auto-join list to be 255 characters long.
- When a single channel-MODE changes, xchat will no longer re-issue a MODE request for the titlebar display, but figure the new modes intelligently.
- A favorite networks feature has been added to the network list.
- Various text event changes:
* Added "Private Action", "Private Action to Dialog", "SSL Message".
* Added "Identified text" parameter all the 'action' events.
* Added a $3 parameter to "Server Text".
- Plugin API changes:
* Added 'gtkwin_ptr' to xchat_get_info.
* Added DCC fields 'poshigh' and 'resumehigh'.

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