XSplit Gamecaster 3.4.1812.0304 軟體資訊介紹&下載

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XSplit Gamecaster 旨在為玩家提供最簡單和最簡單的方式來創建高品質的遊戲錄製和直播流。通過利用革命性的遊戲內覆蓋,簡化的編碼和社交網絡功能,您將立即將您的遊戲玩法分享給您的家人,朋友和追隨者.

XSplit 可以輕鬆分類和管理任何錄製的遊戲,你甚至可以用內置的編輯器來組合和編輯。完成後,只需將視頻直接上傳到 YouTube,然後在您最喜愛的社交網絡上進行分享,而無需離開應用程序.

XSplit 可以與朋友和粉絲進行互動,無論是使用集成聊天還是直接分享到 Facebook 和 Twitter 。能夠從一個單一的屏幕廣播是重要的,這就是為什麼 whe 也添加了 Twitch 的遊戲追隨者通知為 XSplit Gamecaster.

XSplit Gamecaster 特點:
支持所有採集卡顯示您的攝像頭,並刪除背景專業生產功能自定義插件和集成編輯和上傳記錄聊天和關注者通知快速視頻編輯器商業用途抽搐訂閱者和追隨者通知遊戲中抽搐聊天集成圖像疊加和 URL 部件遊戲中的註釋可定制 BRB 屏幕視頻遊戲控制台捕獲綠色屏幕透明度效果注:演示版本中的功能有限.

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XSplit Gamecaster 3.4.1812.0304


81 MB

Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64


SplitmediaLabs, Ltd.



What's new in this version:

XSplit Gamecaster 3.4.1812.0304

- “Remember me” login may expire too often when using socials
- Solution: Always use XSplit token to login and change "Remember me" / "Login automatically" logic
- Overlay Authentication for Mixer is stuck at loading state
- No device is listed in Microphone list if Corsair ST100 is present

XSplit Gamecaster 3.3.1805.0406

- BRB or in game graphics can intermittently show up as black
- Follower/subscriber element on overlay moves when being configured
- Issues with chat and follower/subscriber elements opening position on overlay
- Chatbox gets deactivated when overlay is enabled during annotation mode
- Mixer subscriber/follower widget does not work

XSplit Gamecaster 3.3.1805.0401

Features and improvements:
- Don't block media key (play, pause, etc.) presses even when overlay is active
- Add Elgato Game Capture 4K60 Pro to console viewer supported device
- Add game identification window - will ask user to provide game name of detected game(s) to help improve future versions of XSplit applications

- Possible exception when task scheduler is disabled and app is set to Run on computer startup
- Esc hotkey to go "Back to Game" from active overlay ceases to work after clicking on overlay area
- Incorrect OAuth window (streaming service login window) coordinates when logging in thru the overlay for UWP games
- Close Application setting is always set to minimize to system tray; behavior is intact though
- Camera preview blinks/flickers when opening camera settings for Tridef SmartCam
- Duplicate messages on the Twitch Chat
- Camera Preview on the settings tab disappears after closing Open File dialog
- Unable to upload log files; returns various errors
- Overlay scale in exclusive full screen game may be too large (if main monitor DPI scale is set higher than 100%)
- Login Page may freeze when dragged after gaining focus
- Cursor movements are still captured by the game when overlay is active - Overwatch

XSplit Gamecaster 3.3.1802.1515
- Possible exception when task scheduler is disabled and app is set to Run on computer startup
- Image overlay is pixelated on stream/recording
- YouTube Live chat does not switch to current active stream event

XSplit Gamecaster 3.3.1802.1510
Features and improvements:
- Upload log files (for debugging purposes, simply click on Helo dropdown menu -> Upload Log Files)
- Set Twitter character limit to 280 characters
- Mixer chat
- Mixer follower and subscriber alert
- Improved IME support (add Bopomofo - Chinese Phonetic input)
- Add icon or button to clear chat
- Display Twitch cheers bit emotes in Twitch chat
- Twitch Cheers alert
- Add option to save separate audio tracks for mic and system audio

- Update ASUS GPU Tweak integration (may cause intermittent crash)
- Possible GPU process crash on startup (may cause UI to become black)
- Chat panel links does not fit to screen when panel size is set to small
- Hotkeys can be triggered while typing in the URL widget opacity slider
- Mismatched streamer color on chat
- Widget opacity reverts to default when overlay is deactivated
- Twitch Cheer Alert widget may fail to display cheer alerts
- Account binding on chat panel does not update when another account is used in the same stream service
- Streamer mismatch on Facebook chat when streaming to a page
- Language key displayed on Mixer chat tooltip
- Missing 0 on the custom url and image overlay opacity slider value
- Custom URL widget opacity reverts to default when URL is changed
- Deleting one tag in YouTube broadcast stream deletes all tag
- Chatbox may get stuck in "connecting" status
- Notification Widget visibility level is ignored
- Dailymotion: "invalid_client This 'client_id' doesn't exist." shows in the auth window
- Facebook Live Chat: possible issue when sending messages
- Incorrect chat opacity slider position when reloading the overlay
- Unable to open screenshot in Photoshop
- Social network username displayed in BRB graphics may be trimmed
- Player.me OAuth closes if authenticating via Youtube or Twitch on the accounts tab
- Facebook Live date picker does not appear again after unless coming back from another control
- The current date on the Facebook Live date picker is hardly visible
- Custom Widget URL border is displayed above the Image Overlay
- Camera preview disappears after enabling chat on the overlay
- Stray dropdown button on the Share Screenshot dialog
- Facebook Live: "#200 Permissions error" when creating new scheduled live video
 Severe artifacts when playing back an exported file when Shadowplay encoded file is used as source

XSplit Gamecaster 3.1.1708.2943
- Sharing an image to Player.me shows 502 error
- Image Overlay reverts to default upon client/game restart
- DX9 surface sharing does not work in Fall Creators Update (RS3) of Windows 10 (1709 Build 16299)
- MFP is not detected when already installed on Windows Fall Creator's update

XSplit Gamecaster 3.1.1708.2941
- Application does not relaunch on restart if changing dx12 option
- Facebook chat messages not showing up in overlay after sending. Fix is to show any sent messages with loading icon until sent. Posting comments to any non-Page videos have been disabled by Facebook API so this was also disable from the application.
- In game image overlay may blink when overlay is toggled
- Hauppauge HD PVR 60 filter fails to initialize

XSplit Gamecaster 3.1.1708.2935
Features and improvements:
- Include AVermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus in supported console device
- Add Steam social login
- Possible freeze/exception on startup

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